FUN LITTLE TOYS 2 in 1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine, Automatic Pitcher P

This machine can feed balls side to side giving you an excellent cardio workout, and has the ability to hit you a variety of shots. If you’re a parent looking to coach your child, this is a great ball machine for kids and junior tennis players. It does not allow you to control the spin and only feeds up to 50 MPH, so we do not recommend it for advanced players. In addition to its large ball capacity, this machine can hit balls as fast as 80 miles per hour for high-level tennis players.

First motor 42 is particularly arranged so as to rotate yoke assembly 42 to a first, nominal vertical throwing angle. This nominal shooting angle determines the base angle at which the balls are projected in a vertical or up and down direction. In operation, this nominal throwing angle is generally set to a fixed, desired value and is then slightly varied by the second motor 44 as will be discussed further below. For instance, the nominal throwing angle can be set so that balls projected from machine 10 are projected vertically over the net of a tennis court at a desired height and into the opposite side from which machine 10 is placed. To further confuse things, sports like baseball and softball have their own sport-specific pitching machines. These machines are properly called baseball pitching machines or softball pitching machines, but because they can pitch tennis balls , they are often mistakenly referred to as tennis pitching machines.

The operation of the second motor may include rotating a drive shaft in a single direction. In certain preferred embodiments, the operation of the second motor is capable of oscillating the yoke assembly between a range of plus and minus two degrees from the nominal throwing angle. Finally, the ball throwing machine may further include means for moving the yoke assembly in left and right directions, which may be a third motor. In addition, the cooperation between second motor 44, second linkage portion 50 and cam 52 allows for smaller rotation with respect to the nominal vertical throwing angle upon operation of second motor 44. This results in the aforementioned fine oscillation adjustment of yoke assembly 24.

For example, tennis ball throwing machines are extremely useful practice tools for tennis players. Typically, these machines are loaded with tennis balls and placed at an end of a best budget pitching machine tennis court which is opposite from the practicing player. The desired trajectory of the ball is usually set, either manually by the player or with the aid of a remote control.

In other words, machines 10, in accordance with the present invention, may be manufactured and sold having only a first motor 42. Thus, such machines would preferably only be capable of setting the initial nominal throwing angle, while also varying the left and right throwing direction. However, should a purchaser thereafter decide that oscillation throwing would be a useful feature to have; second motor 44 could be installed to activate such a feature. Therefore, general operation of machine 10 is preferably not dependent upon the inclusion of all of the above components and thus different models may be offered. In addition, other machines 10 may be manufactured without the above described left and right directional variation capabilities.

This machine can be used by most skill levels and you can adjust the feed rate to as low as 1.5 seconds for a great workout. You can also adjust the elevation manually to practice groundstrokes, volleys, and even overheads or lobs. Of course, you can turn off the random setting to work on one shot in repetition. Also, keep in mind that the remote control is an additional cost. The best part of this ball machine though is the mobile app.

For all your wholesale tennis pitching machine needs, shop from a range of global wholesalers at These products include tennis balls, rackets, shoes, backpacks, and tennis clothing for men and women. Find different sizes of wholesale tennisitching machine with heads as small as 85 squared inches to larger ones. 115 square incheses are made from different materials. If you’re looking for a storage bag, some tennis bags with carry-on strap or, around the cracks are their to-..

The oscillation modes and different paces can help you practice all kinds of shots including groundstrokes, volleys, and overheads. You can also use Spinshot’s mobile app to control this machine. See our guide on the best beginner tennis racquets to find the right racquet to go with your new ball machine. It’s like having a coach right there on the court, but better! Your coach can’t feed 60 MPH topspin with the accuracy of this machine 😉 So instead of expensive private lessons, this machine will be your coach and pay for itself in only 25 hitting sessions. The Ace Attack tennis machine throwing head easily raises to serving height delivering left or right handed serves and second serves with authentic high kicks.

Such rotating wheels design is well known in the art of ball throwing machines. Nos. 4,086,903 and 5,125,653, the disclosures of which are hereby incorporated herein by reference, describe ball throwing machines of this type. However, wheel designs are only one way of projecting balls outwardly in the direction shown by arrow A and other devices for projecting tennis balls can be utilized in accordance with the present invention.

Here are 5 drills you can work on with your new tennis ball machine. While this ball machine is a lower cost than the Lobster’s Elite 2 , it does have a slightly smaller ball capacity and does not reach the pace of the Lobster product . However, this machine is more compact and has an AC option so you can play for hours without worrying about the battery.

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