Foam Jacking vs Mud Jacking, Concrete Raising Systems

What is polyjacking compared to the traditional mudjacking? Let’s explore the polyjacking process and what it truly entails. Is used for concrete lifting, stabilization and void filling applications. Part of the factory’s slab floor that needed to be mudjacked to fill the void caused by the water main break. If you need concrete leveling experts, contact View our before and after photos in the Kansas City and St. Louis area.

Thrasher Commercial saw the project as a challenge, but we’re confident that they could deliver a solution and a project that the customer would be happy with. Thrasher Commercial was able to mobilize quickly to the job site to get the customer’s project completed. Also, Thrasher Commercial worked with the workers at the facility to ensure they were not disrupting them from achieving what they needed to accomplish that day. After working with the System Design Specialist, the customer selected polyurethane foam to fill the void.

The injection gun delivers the polyurethane material through the port and slab. Expansion of the material occurs within seconds, compressing loose soils and raising the concrete. We employ an advanced method of concrete leveling known as poly jacking. This technique uses drug residue test kit home depot a specialized form of polyurethane resins to form a solid base underneath the existing concrete footing. Unlike traditional methods of mudjacking, poly jacking requires smaller drill holes, can be performed as a single-stage operation, and has an extremely fast set time.

If you consider the fact that 40% of the jobs we do are to lift and repair concrete that needs to be repaired again after it has already been mud jacked. Lifting concrete will always be 30-40% less expensive than replacing concrete. A reputable Poly Jacking company will be honest in its evaluation of the job. They should let you know if the concrete is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. The family-operated Keating MudJacking & Concrete company brings in some of the most respected experience in their field.

Our experienced concrete lifting team is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service out there. We enjoy working directly with customers to listen to their needs; provide a solution to those needs; and walk them through the process to the end. We are committed from the initial estimate request to provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. Unlike mudjacking, polyjacking requires much smaller and fewer drilled holes to inject the polyurethane material that raises the concrete. The holes measure to be around 5/8” and provide plenty of space for the foam to fill in any empty space underneath the slab.

If the repair is beyond the scope of polyjacking, we are equipped to provide a new concrete flatwork solution. Polyjacking, also known as “mudjacking,” is a process used to level sinking driveways, sidewalks, and concrete slabs. No matter the severity of the problem, KC Pro is your go-to company for concrete repair and replacement services. Some inexperienced companies and DIYers may try to cut costs and use interior insulation to lift and repair concrete. Concrete Raising Systems has been in the foam mudjacking business since 2012. There is a difference in the foam used to repair sunken concrete and insulate a home.

A mixture of portland cement, pulverized top soil and water is then pumped into the holes to fill the voids and lift the concrete. Once the concrete is filled or raised, the holes will be filled with concrete. The Level-All mudjacking company is known for recognizing and meeting personal needs. By understanding that each slab of concrete has different underlying problems, they are quickly able to make a diagnosis and deliver a repair plan. This leads to a quality product, speedy service, and overall excellent customer satisfaction.

Regardless of what is causing your concrete settlement, we can lift and level sunken concrete slabs back to the desired height. The PolyLevel® experts in Kansas City, MO are trained in concrete leveling, concrete settlement, concrete problems, and concrete repair best practices. They’re experienced in addressing the true cause of concrete settlement to help Kansas City homeowners remain safe from tripping hazards and enjoy peace of mind. The expansive clay soil in Kansas City combined with long periods of rainfall followed by droughts cause the soil to expand and shrink.

Having served their community with repair services since 1988, they understand how to diagnose any problems with concrete at the most fundamental level. People also choose MudJacking & Concrete because of their unique mudjacking pump that can work from afar. This adds to cleanliness and quick repair times that also contribute to savings for the customer.

We contacted Pro Polyjacking after getting a couple of quotes from other companies near us. Pro Polyjacking was only interested in repairing the concrete and raising it. Once booked, the technician came on time, made sure they cleaned up, and followed up to check on the work. They came out quickly to provide an estimate to raise and level out my driveway, and had me on the schedule within a week. They came out and completed the job quickly and efficiently.

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