Florida GOP Official Killed During Insane Road Rage Shoot Out After Ramming a Toyota Prius With His BMW

This finding, in my view, was also erroneous. The removal of these two substantial predicates for the trial court’s ruling at least raises a question as to whether the ruling would have been the same absent these considerations. Marcia Kuczwanski appeals css grid column span both the trial court’s denial of her supplemental petition to modify the final judgment of dissolution of marriage and her request for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. We affirm the trial court, except for its denial of fees and costs.

The Prius’ driver got in his car to wait for law enforcement after confronting Kuczwanski. That is when, according to Florida Politics’ sources, Kuczwanski rammed his BMW into the Prius on the driver’s door, and began pushing the car sideways in the parking lot. The Prius’ driver then returned to his car to wait for law enforcement’s arrival after confronting Kuczwanski. Yeah, but this guy had previous road rage incidents on his record.

Guns were designed to kill people, from the earliest days of firearms, the technology has almost always been driven by military applications. Nice try to make out they’re the same inanimate object lol You Americans and your obsession with everyone having guns, no matter how unstable or mentally ill they are. That is to turn living things into dead things. Although a car can be used for this purpose that is not what it is designed for.

Gun was designed to shoot paper targets. Hundreds of millions of guns in the U.S. and that is what they primarily shoot. This guy was a huge asshole, his family is better off.

Kuczwanski is the typical person who should have had his gun confiscated until he could show the mental capability of ownership. He called to say he was on his way to beat traffic. Man given a plea deal to get out of a felony aggravated assault charge in 2016. His last twitter post was about him entering a gun raffle. “We understand that the public wants to know details and we want to provide those details,” she said. “However, we will ensure that a through investigation has been conducted. Our investigators continue to review witness statements and video footage and will release more details when they become available.”

While this story has all the makings of a profound comment on today’s social unrest and inequality and its fun to get all caught up in that, I would love to know how this actually happened. At what point does someone ‘push’ another person’s car and then shoot at them with their gun unless they are legitimately crazy? Just driving a BMW and being a Republican in Florida really shouldn’t be an acceptable excuse.

Another thing I just recalled about Circle K is that they had Playboy for sale with their magazines. It was the only convinience store in our area that dated to do so. No small feat considering Cosmopolitan is considered very racy here to the point that grocery stores put a black divider in front of it. I’m glad this asshole got what was coming. “Freedom” for them means the laws and rules and decency don’t apply to them because they were born with the same skin color, sex, presumed sexuality and pay lip service to the same religion as the Founders.

So glad the Prius driver was on the ball and got him . That dude was NOT a good guy with a gun, he was the “this is why we cannot have nice things” guy. And in recent days, some victims have fought back by shooting their assailants. A gun battle ensued and the suspect was shot once in each leg and grazed in the chest. The teen was later apprehended in the area of Germantown Avenue and Slocum Street and taken to Einstein Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition.

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