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Each college under TTU provides students with course-specific internship opportunities. They will have to work for 160 hours during the internships and attend meetings with their internship coordinator. From local internships with NGOs to Congressional Internships in Washington, D.C., Texas Tech provides a range of internship possibilities. The University provides students with on-campus housing facilities.

The average SAT score of those who submitted scores is 1,195 and the average ACT score is 26 at Texas Tech. SAT 75th percentile score is 1,280 and 25th percentile score is 1,110. For ACT scores, the 75th percentile score is 83 and the 25th percentile score is 66. The following table shows the detailed SAT and ACT scores distribution of enrolled students at Texas Tech.

Most of the “suite-style” resident halls are reserved in advance and are first-come, first-served. So, students need to register for lodging as soon as possible. Check your application status after completing your self-reported academic record. A curation of articles on abroad studies from experts and students. Get a personalized plan for a competitive application from an admissions expert.

Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Under financial assistance, things like work-study jobs, scholarships, grants, and loans are included. This cost is the net price of the fees and tuition after deducting the grants and scholarships.

Apart from these, candidates are recommended to furnish other documents like Secondary school GPA for admission. Texas Tech University is a public research university with an acceptance rate of 69%. Located in Lubbock, Texas, the 1,839 acre Texas Tech campus is one of the largest in the country. Texas Tech’s name can be misleading—while the university does offer many programs in engineering and the applied sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences is the school’s largest unit. Across all of its colleges, Texas Tech offers 150 undergraduate degrees, 100 graduate degrees, and 50 doctoral degrees.

Failing to submit any application materials or documents before the deadline may result in the withdrawal from consideration of said application. On the SAT Math Section, 25% of Texas Tech students scored 640 or higher and 75% of students scored 560 or higher. On the SAT Critical Reading section , 25% of Texas Tech students scored 640 or higher, and 75% scored a 560 or higher. Out of all students that were admitted, 100% submitted a class rank.

To this end, Texas Tech University will accept applications for admission from students who have achieved a Foundation level high school diploma. The selected group will be invited for personal interviews with the UMSI selection committee. By waiving the MCAT requirement and guaranteeing medical school admission, UMSI gives students the opportunity to have a varied undergraduate experience, including taking on internships or studying abroad.

To get into the university, the average SAT score required currently stands at 1165. However, in some cases, those who have obtained a SAT score of 1070 or below could also get into the university. As many as 61% of university of illinois graduation rate the applicants to the university submit their SAT scores for admission consideration. To be competitive with other Texas Tech applicants, you should strive to earn between 1110 and 1270 (or higher!) on the SAT.

The deadline for Fall transfer applications to Texas Tech is Continuous processing. An unweighted GPA is an average of your scores from each class on a four-point scale. A weighted GPA considers your average grade and the difficulty of your classes. A weighted GPA boosts your average by adding extra points for honors or Advanced Placement courses.

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