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However, this isn’t the most efficient use of resources. With how long it can take to fight one of these creatures, buffs usually wear off before the fight is over. I’ve always used bombs to stun it and then just run up and hack away for a few seconds. When it dies, you get Molduga Guts, Molduga Fins, and treasure.

Now that you know how to defeat a Molduga (and you’re in the area), check out our walkthrough for Tho Kayu shrine, which is hidden in the area and protected by a Molduga. Climb on top of a large rock outcropping, and the Molduga can’t hear you. This is where you launch the first phase of your attack. If you’ve ever seen any of the Tremors movies, you’ll understand how Moldugas work.

Here, you will see several rocks scattered about with four lanterns that need to be lit up with either a bomb arrow or a fire arrow. Moldugas are giant sand monsters that can be found in four locations in Gerudo Desert. They resemble a four-legged fish and lurk below the sand, patrolling their territory in search of prey. Once they become aware of Link’s presence, they will barrel towards Link and attempt to ram into him. Moldugas can be fought while Shield Surfing with the help of a Sand Seal. They are very sensitive to loud noises, so they can also be fought by detonating Remote Bombs or shooting Bomb Arrows near them.

Additionally, getting to close to the creature risks huge damage, so bows tend to be the best options. So if you don’t have “fury” then you can bomb then smack in the head a few time. Much of the difficulty of the Waterblight Ganon fight comes from its variety of attacks. Many of them are melee strikes, but they have a fairly long reach. Waterblight Ganon can also disappear and reappear, making its movements hard to track. Some of its attacks are easy to avoid, such as jabs with its spear.

The first thing that you’re going to have to worry about is actually finding Molduga out in the Gerudo Wasteland region. This humongous beast hides in the sand and will only come out once it begins to attack you. Even late-game players, though, can easily suffer death in a Molduga’s jaws. Preparation pioneer woman cranberry salad is key – players should know when and where they might come across these creatures, and what to do when they find one. Follow these tips, and emerge victorious with armfuls of shiny weapons and Molduga Guts. Tom started life on a circus in Australia before his family moved to the UK.

The enemy’s precise location may be slightly different, so it is best to go to the location named above, then turn on your sensor to try and find the enemy. Pls explain to me, like you were explaining to a five year old, how I fight this. I can’t figure it out, and I’m not great at fighting in general .

At one point, the Molduga won’t immediately retreat into the sand, but instead swims about on top of the sand. Use this opportunity to strike it with bomb arrows to stun it. You can do damage with regular arrows in this stage, too. But, stunning it with a bomb arrow will keep it from retreating back into the sand. If it does, though, simply repeat the previous steps with remote bombs.

It may seem like an easy opponent to beat, but it can kill you in just one shot. Be sure that you equip whatever high defense armor you have, or go to the Great Fairy to level up first. When it burrows into the sand, go back to your rock and repeat. That’s all you need to know about how to find & beat the Molduga boss in Breath of the Wild. For more tips and tricks on the game, make sure to check out our wiki guide right here. Since players will have limited windows of time to damage the Molduga, it’s best to use powerful weapons.

Defense, attacking power, speed — all are essential against Moldugas. And don’t forget to cook plenty of dishes that give Link a few bonus hearts, as he’s going to need them. Players should also consider the damage they can do with different types of ammunition. Bomb arrows are unparalleled in their damage potential, but are also the most expensive. Jewelry does not offer as much protection as armor; however, they can be upgraded at a Great Fairy Fountain to increase their defensive potential.

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