Exclusive Interview: Making the Cut season 2 fashion designer Gary Graham whats happening now is so incredible in terms of the freedom in how people are dressing

I loved Gary’s fabrics and vision and I loved Johnny Cota’s style. Frankly I don’t have any place to wear the other 2 competitor’s goods. Sequins, silky satin, tight fitting, and crop tops are making the cut gary autistic ‘gimicky’ ways to get people to buy. Frankly I thought most of it would be purchased by hookers. Heidi, maybe you have a taste issue. Can we please get back to the art of building clothing?

I loved Gary’s who ‘DNA’ as they kept talking about it – his vision, his story, his approach, his technique, and how he stuck to his taste – and it wasn’t trashy. So what if that looks flashy on a runway. And undergarments that you flash to reveal.

Maybe all professions are like that for most people… and those that can stick it out have made peace with it. Still, it must be hard to believe in yourself and (at the risk of sounding frau-y) “celebrate” yourself when you also know you’re replaceable. Gary is definitely the most talented.

“My studio was under my store, so I was living a subterranean life for a long time,” notes Graham. It is a lot of work, and I definitely didn’t ever preconceive it. I wanted it to feel like I had a good time. I knew that I wanted the judges to experience my joy in creating that 10-look assignment. And I wanted them to feel like they wanted more and even if they didn’t want more, I wanted them to feel like they saw a lot. I was strategic in that way, but I knew that I had to have a good time making it.

Yannik tries to defend his accessible look, but Jeremy is having none of it. “All the accessible look was shit,” he tells Yannik, though he’s referring to everyone’s accessible looks. “It was unrealistic or not well made. For all of you … It was a waste.” He tells the designers he was so uninspired he didn’t even take any notes during the fashion show and he throws his notebook on the floor. Yannik makes the cut, but he’s sent back to his seat in tears. However, the designers would only get one day to complete their extravagant looks.

A clock inspired by the Shaker cloak. The design is on display as part of Gary Graham’s site-specific installation at Hancock Shaker Village. “I am sick of our regular season judges and their attempts to outwit each other and come up with a remark they think is adorable and cute but which is, in fact, piercing and mean-spirited,” Gunn told Stuff. “I don’t like it. I find it to be very unprofessional and offensive.”

On the latest episode of Making The Cut Andrea Pitter finally got some accolades from the judges as the winner of the accessible look. It’s unclear whether the current administration under Mayor Eric Adams will try to bring the Carter case numbers down. In response, parents and City Council members argued that families wouldn’t need to resort to private schools if the city weren’t so abjectly failing students with disabilities. “Festival wear has become big business for fashion retailers,” Tim Gunn explains. “Many large brands are creating year-round festival lines.

The clothes aren’t for 20-somethings, besides there are plenty of fashion companies catering to them. His client is more sophisticated, moneyed, but boho. It might be a blessing in disguise that Gary did not win.

An estimated one in 150 children is autistic. Kompothecras and his wife traveled the country to doctors who offered unproven but promising-sounding treatments. Their children tried diets without wheat or milk and treatments to remove heavy metals from their bodies. Other parents of autistic children have tried treating their children by putting them in high-pressure oxygen chambers or dosing them with vitamins. Seven months ago, he was preparing for yet another rejection, another instance where the lifelong whispers of doubt would again fill his mind.

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