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Shaquille O’Neal, Nicole Scherzinger, Billy Gardell, and Ghosts’ Utkarsh Ambudkar will be among the celebrities to star in season 2, which premieres on July 22, 2022, at 8pm EST. POPULAR celebrities have been using CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation to give back to those who helped make them the stars they are today. They can’t resist stepping to renovating rock stars Jonathan and Drew Scott and asking for help with home projects. The celebrity is paying for it, that’s also why you see a pretty big discrepancy in what they do between episodes e.g. the Brad Pitt one where they went all out with the gadgets etc.

You thought you were spoiled when Brad Pitt showed up to surprise his long-term makeup artist, but season 3 has taken things to a whole new level. With this in mind, fans are wondering how much Kris Jenner, who was featured on the June 21, 2021, episode of Celebrity IOU, paid to renovate her best friend Lisa’s backyard. The actress, 55, teamed up with Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathon Scott to help renovate the 1920s home of her fifth grade teacher, Yvonne. @chuckc135 @hgtv @anthonyanderson I came here to see if anyone was thinking the same thing. Season 1 of Secret Celebrity Renovation included a star-studded cast of celebrities giving back.

With a total outdoor makeover, her new backyard oasis is now perfect for both entertainment and relaxation. Actor and superstar Terry Crews teams up with Jonathan and Drew to deliver his close friend and driver a stunning upgrade to his home’s backyard. Terry pulls out all the stops with a stylish outdoor kitchen, dining space and top-of-the-line outdoor gym. In one episode, Jeremy Renner renovated a condo for his mother, which is a strong argument for the “Avengers” star to pay the expenses. Various reports have stated that Brad Pitt did cover the expenses of renovating the home of his makeup artist Jean Ann Black.

“I would go to her house and we would sit at the kitchen table and have really deep conversations.” Fans slammed Anthony Anderson for letting his brother live in such a bad condition when he had a net worth of $25 Million. His house was tiny, with a single bathroom and a broken window. The kitchen was congested, and the heating system did not work. Celebrity IOU fans were shocked to see the condition of Derrick Bowman’s house.

However, the source also added that Brad Pitt allegedly paid for the renovations when he was on the show. There’s a chance that other celebrities may have contributed during their episodes as well. The brothers revealed on their website that the people featured on their show can keep everything included in the staging on reveal day, and they don’t have to pay thousands to do so.

It’s really exciting to finally be able to share these special projects with everyone, especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now. I think HGTV is this safe haven where everybody can get a little something from these heartwarming stories. Everybody’s gonna cry, everybody’s gonna passport academy charter school have a good time, and I think this is exactly what we need. Her episode was shot just outside of Chicago while she was busy shooting a movie, and she kept flying in just to work with us, then she’d fly right back out. Rebel Wilson was also flying in and out of Australia to be a part of this.

There’s something about real estate and home design TV shows that people just can’t get enough of. Every time it seems like there couldn’t possibly be any other new ideas for these genres, HGTV reveals they have a new show in the works. That exactly what happened in 2020 when a new series called Celebrity IOU debuted on the network. During each episode, Drew and Jonathan Scott work with a well-known celebrity to help surprise someone important in their life with unbelievable home renovations. Some celebrities choose to gift the renovations to an old mentor while others choose a family member.

It is also possible that the Scots have long-standing agreements with raw material suppliers that allow them to obtain the materials at a reduced rate. From what we have seen, the renovations are highly personalized and include luxurious additions to the homes. We’re used to working on a lot of projects at once, at this point. I know it may seem unbelievable to viewers that we can turn these projects around so fast, but we do.

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