Elf Names 4 Billion+ The Ultimate Fantasy Elf Name Generators

The majority of Elvish names are found in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series, based on languages made up by Tolkien himself. Click the ‘Random’ button to get a random male elf name idea. High Elves represent a proud, methodical, and patient race. Their aptitude cool names for swords for magic makes them powerful arcane casters, which they treat as one of the most important points of their existence. If you want to play a noble-like character who can be a master of fighting as well as a potent magic-user, they are a very good choice.

The actual meaning and origin of the name Mayael is unknown. Jenassa is a Dunmer elf mercenary character featured in the Skyrim game. The actual meaning and origin of the name Jenassa is unknown. Freyalise is a half-elven planeswalker who features in the Magic the Gathering card games.

Alternate spellings have also been provided in some cases. Even if you’re not having a baby, you can still use one of these magical names as a unique character name for your role-playing game avatar or a fantasy story you’re writing. The role of male elves in fantasy stories normally revolves around being strong, well-poised, and stealthful. Their stealth and sharpshooting skills make them brilliant archers. They don’t like to get messy, so rarely ever enter the battlefield directly. This also means that they are experts in long-range magic spells, where they can attack from a distance.

While on the dark side, female dark elves can be extremely manipulative and are easily filled with jealousy if they don’t receive the right attention. Elves prefer names that flow off the tongue like wind through the trees. One of the most common problems GMs and players alike have when playing non-human characters is naming them. Most non-human characters can’t be named from a list of historic names, forcing DMs to make up totally new names.

Outside of the forest, elves rarely make friends with humans. And Elf teachers are one of the Elves’ most valuable exports. Legit.ng recently made a list of some fancy dragon names that will tickle your fancy.

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