Easy Butterfly Locs: Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you plan to wash your hair, just remember to properly air dry or sit under a dryer to prevent hair from smelling and bacteria from growing. If the idea of waking up and spending no more than hair used for butterfly locs five minutes getting ready is seriously appealing then butterfly locs are the fall hairstyle for you. The locs are made with wavy hair and are looped into a braid using a crochet needle.

We believe that taking care of your natural locs shouldn’t be a hassle. Ensure that you wrap about 6-7 times at the base of your hair to keep it firm. However, you can choose to go messy while wrapping the remaining part of your hair. You can use jumbo square box braid parts, zig-zag parts, diamond parts, or triangle box braid parts. To keep your parts neat, you can apply any edge control of your choice. To keep your butterfly locs looking neat, you can apply a mousse at intervals to refresh your locs.

This paste can also be used on the length of your locs if you want; don’t be afraid to retwist as needed. But what comes to mind when you think of a “protective style”? More often than not, the classic Box Braid style pops in our heads.

To end the loc, you can make a loop at the bottom and create a knot or create a loop at the bottom, and start twisting back up the strand with the access hair. Wherever you stop along the strand, make sure you’ve wrapped the end of the hair tight enough so it doesn’t come apart. Moving down the strand, keep wrapping the longer piece of hair around the section of hair and the shorter end of hair you’re keeping against it. You can make these wraps as loose or tight as you want, until you make it to the end of your hair or until you’ve got the desired length.

This won’t add height or volume on top, which helps keep your face shape balanced and still enables you to show off your butterfly loc texture. Try a little twist on the classic half-up hairstyle by trying a split half-updo. Here, you’ll gather the top half of your hair and then split it down the center into 2 equally sized sections. If you like to wear your hair parted to the side or down the middle, you need to ensure the base braids are properly sectioned to make it happen.

If you do want to ensure your hair is moisturized and want to use a leave-in or moisturizer, it’s best you apply it and let your hair fully dry before starting the installation. According to Erinn Courtney, a StyleSeat hairstylist and loctitian, butterfly locs are a distressed loc style with wing-like characteristics throughout the shaft of the lock. Butterfly locs should not be confused with the tightly wrapped faux locs that were popular a few years ago, nor are they the same as bouncy and curly passion twists. Rather, they provide a happy medium between the two hairstyles, offering a beautiful, textured boho look. If you prefer tidy, neat hairstyles with little to no frizz or flyaways, butterfly locs probably aren’t for you.

They’re almost as versatile as free-flowing hair, so you can really achieve any hairstyle with this type of loc as the base. Here are some of our favorite ways to style butterfly locs. Pick up the ends of the braid, keeping hold of the wrapped hair so it doesn’t unravel.

One style on the cusp of creativity and popularity is butterfly locs, which have been all over our Instagram feeds lately. The look is where the traditional loc meets a distressed texture that makes the style look more lived-in. According to Princess Kanu, a self-taught hairstylist, the style has been in high demand among her Maryland clients due to its lightweight nature and effortless look. If your scalp becomes itchy or irritated, or if the root of the natural hair starts to lock and dread, it’s time to remove them. Also, if the style has become too fuzzy or messy for your desired look, it’s time to say goodbye. When properly maintained, you can wear this style for four to six weeks.

There’s no shortage of inspiration out there when it comes to protective hairstyles. The short answer is yes, you can wash Butterfly Locs, but you’re not going to get a “real” wash. If you’ve use the braid-and-wrap method, your own hair is wrapped around the synthetic hair. With the crochet method you have relatively more access to your own hair but still not full access. So most people focus on keeping their scalp clean as you’ll see in the video below.

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