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After reading this list, you will know some websites where you can get music guest posts. There are many ways to get backlinks to your website, but one of the most effective methods is to guest post on music-related websites. Soundcloud was all the rage in the middle and late 2010s, separating prospective superstars. The number of music blogs increased quickly, and several of them experienced exponential growth. Some blogs served as both launching platforms for musicians and alternative experiences for their fans. Music blogging is now an essential tool for artists thanks to these platforms.

To help us continue to achieve this aim we are looking to recruit new writers to the RCM team. Xlr8ris a website that provides reviews about electronic dance music . It mainly focuses on electronic instruments and live performances. If you want to contribute to this blog, you need to send your writing samples to the editor. They are looking for in-depth pieces about the latest trends in EDM.

Audio Appraisal is looking for skilled content creators. We’re looking for reviewers to share their opinions with the world, and for musicians, producers and engineers to share their experiences, advice, tips and techniques. Actually, I should have stopped at the first point. Hidden, raw gems are beautiful and inspiring but also an exception.

In this digital age, it has become very easy to promote your music through blogs. You can submit guest posts on websites that are already popular and make people aware of your music. In the following article, we will tell you about some of the best music blogs that accept submissions from guest writers. If you have a decent amount of content for a post and a good connection with the target audience then you can get your work published easily. Think about guest writing on music websites if you enjoy music and want to establish yourself as an authority online. You can publish articles on popular music blogs of high quality that link back to your website.

While we want our readers to actually read your article and not just scan it, staring at an article that reads like a wall of text can be off-putting. If you think you have the expertise and are willing to create outstanding content for the Kincaid’s audience, please fill out the form below. Music Industry Tips and Tricks – Do you have a different way of looking at the challenges that musicians face? If you are successful, a user account will be created for you at which point you can begin adding content to the site. If your application is unsuccessful for any reason, we will explain why, and you’re welcome to apply again any time in the future.


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Be sure to read our existing published content from the various navigational content we use to get a variety of perspectives. We are thrilled you are interested in contributing to the content here at loadrecords.com! Here at loadrecords.com, we are interested in posting the unique perspectives and writing styles of creative contributors as this help make our content diverse and cutting edge.

It displays your portfolio and conveys a feeling of who you are to music bloggers. All the details a music blogger needs to know are in an excellent EPK. Although music bloggers lack the time to submit to every blog that accepts entries, a polished EPK will have a significant impact. Your SEO efforts depend on links pointing to your website. Links from other websites are viewed as a sign of a website’s quality by Google. Your website will benefit greatly from a link from a well-known music blog because it tells search engines that you have quality content there.

If you need a deadline extension, please let us know ahead of time.We want you to take the time you need to write the best post possible. We each have a unique way of telling our stories and the stories of others. Allow your idiosyncrasies in this regard to shine through in your article. Remember, your quirks are a part of your charm and they give your article the relatability that users enjoy when reading our content. If you would like to know more about how the music industry works, music industry jobs and what it takes to be successful with music industry careers. Self-serving links are allowed but must be minimized and make sense.

We prefer to focus our energy on artists that don’t have this support. We’re also looking for web designers, business/ad managers, and artists. So if you want to hop aboard the Cover Me train but aren’t so hot with the verbiage, there are lots of ways to get involved. These legends also wrote a detailed guide to pitching music to blogs which you can read here. For someone who is in love with music, writing about it is not as simple as creating a meaningless string of text. Rather, it is a passionate hobby that one has to engross himself/herself headfirst into.

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