Dyeing Natural Hair: How to Color Your Curly Hair Safely for 2021

Always follow shampooing with a conditioner to help lock in moisture. While you may not want to wash your hair every day, when you do, use a mild shampoo which contains gentler cleansing agents as well as added conditioning agents. Sometimes a shade to a shade and a half lighter will be exactly where your client wants it rather than going right for the desired shade. So you really want to make sure you’re fully aware of who you are and what you’re doing. The advice you need for going any shade on curly texture, including platinum blond.

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These luscious locks really stand out with a combination of feminine colors. Do something nice for your waist-length long hair and add caramel highlights. They’ll show up beautifully on dark brown hair and look beautiful against your medium skin tone.

Hair streaks are typically short, choppy pieces of colour that can be added to any style. This hairstyle is also popularly known as the ‘reverse’. At first glance, your hair will appear the same colour all over. But when you run your fingers through your hair, the pop of bright colour beneath lets out some flair that’ll leave everyone surprised.

If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair two different colours, then this guide will give you some hair inspiration and help you make an informed decision. Bring the entire galaxy on your head by dying the coils in a midnight blue shade root sheath pulled out with violet strands peeking in between them. A subtle touch of aqua blue and pink takes this dreamy look to an entirely different dimension. It’s not so much streaked as frosted with gray, bursting out from a base of black curls.

A layered cut makes it look like your hair volume has increased, and the definition of the curls has improved. When different sections have different lengths, the hair becomes more bouncy and looks thick. These two colors would look amazing it added to light to dark shades of brown.

You could, for instance, do what Zendaya did and go for haphazardly cut uneven layers on your tightly coiled curls and leave your length long to create this wild and carefree hair look. Carrie Bradshaw has been a style icon for the modern woman for years now, and for a good reason. She absolutely nailed the layered cut for her wildly texturized curly hair and how! Her long evenly cut layers parted down the middle make for a perfect hair look for a woman living life in the fast lane.

Balayage gives the hair that artistic and customized look that makes the grow-out phase look just as amazing as the initial color session. “Balayage highlights are the choice of many curly girls because you can go longer in between touch-ups,” Alvarez adds. And if you want to make your hair pop, Brown says to see a colorist who’s familiar with the pintura method, in which the colorist “paints” individual curls to showcase their pattern.

However, whether you have long or short hair, we have carefully gathered cute ideas for you to choose from, and these colors are better options to recreate without thinking twice. Add chocolate brown as a touch of curly hair highlights or give it an all-over dye job; either way, you’ll end up with a look that’s bold and beautiful. With curly hair, you’ll always want to focus on products that help add moisture to the hair and avoid any hair product that’s going to dry out or weigh hair down. Brown’s two favorite techniques for highlighting curls are the balayage and pintura methods.

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