DO Your Whisky Infusion DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor

Share techniques, equipment, still designs, recipes, materials sources, and anything related to beverage distillation. As a younger man, and poorer I used to drink cheap whiskey from a plastic bottle. Ancient Age, Old Crow, Kessler’s, Black Velvet, Canadian Mist, Evan Williams etc. Now that I have a decent job I wouldn’t dream of drinking that stuff even if it was free.

Returned products must be in their original packaging and a refund will be processed within 3 working days of our receipt. All returns are never resold, but are instead donated or given to our staff at a second-hand discount. We usually go to the liquor store to buy whiskey. But now you can learn how to make your favorite spirits like the professionals with the Do Your Whisky DIY Infusion Kit. It includes everything you need to concoct and brew your perfect whisky at home. All you have to do is match the flavors together and make the finest spirits exactly the way you like it.

Thousand Oak Barrel Co. brings the honored tradition of distilling home by providing the proper tools to age your own Whiskey. Explore the world of Whiskey by making and aging dozens of different styles of Whiskey. Choose your whiskey flavor or mix and match to create your own personal blend, then age your own distillery quality whiskey in as little as 2 weeks. Each kit comes with an authentic mini oak aging barrel just like those used in professional distilleries that doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece.

Mix the ingredients and find the perfect match for the ultimate flavor of your dreams. Then personalize your creation by using the enclosed labels, don’t forget to sign your batch to make it your own. And if you’re confident with your creation, you can invite your friends for a tasting party to show off your very own whisky. ✅ GET CREATIVE WITH NATURE -Elevate your whiskey mix with our exclusive blend of three types of oak and six herbs and spices. Hand-sourced and packaged in eco-friendly glass tubes, these ingredients will inspire you to craft a truly unique and personal flavor. Both batches very heavily tasted like moonshine without any real hints of “whiskey flavors”.

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There is also a detailed guideline for those who don’t have previous wine making experience. Everything I expected, my husband was gifted this for his birthday yesterday, along with a bottle of whiskey. He opened it immediately and made him a personalized columbia missouri breweries bottle! Please send us a message including your order number and pictures of the damaged / incomplete / defective goods so that we can forward it to our internal quality management. Subsequently we will arrange a replacement for you.

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