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You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing and when to shift your weight. This is achieved by watching the pitcher’s arm and release of the ball. This unique dimpled machine baseball will not dent aluminum bats. Softer than most urethane balls for safety, but firm enough for batting satisfaction. This ball will minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats. We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not.

This saves warehousing costs and allows us to pass on the savings to you! However, this means that your products will typically arrive without a packing invoice or receipt. Thus, the order confirmation that you receive via email serves as your official receipt. You will see your order im invited destination wedding plantation. what number conveniently along the top. If you have discarded, lost, or never received your receipt, no problem; contact our helpful Customer Service Experts, and we’ll be happy to send another one. This time is needed for products that are shipped to you directly from our manufacturers.

It can throw a 90 MPH fastball, followed by a 75 MPH curve, followed by a change-up, followed by a slider. Learn to hit the breaking pitch without the fear of being hit! The JUGS Lite-Flite® Pitching Machine is made specifically to throw Lite-Flite® baseballs, Lite-Flite® softballs, JUGS BULLDOG™ poly baseballs and JUGS BULLDOG™…

4 Dozen 5-in./ 0.5 oz., Polyurethane-Foam ball. Develop hand-eye coordination and a quick bat. Teach the hitter to track the ball from release point to impact zone. Increase the hitter’s mental concentration by hitting a small ball. Run your Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine without the AC adapter or battery!

The JUGS BP®1 Softball Pitching Machine has established itself as the most popular and widely used softball pitching machine in the world. Its higher speed range of up to 70 mph is designed for the advanced player whose skills demand… The TriplePlay BASIC Softball pitching machine throws RISERS, SINKERS, CURVES, DROP CURVES, SCREWBALLS and DROP SCREWBALLS at speeds from 30 to 65 MPH. No partner needed and can be set up anywhere in seconds.

FOCUS SMALL. HIT BIG. You know small-ball training is the fastest way to improve hand-eye coordination. The JUGS Small-Ball® Pitching Machine takes small-ball training up a notch by throwing fastballs and curveballs and is great for ground balls… This net takes all of 10 minutes to set up and can be done by one person.

REVOLUTIONARY CHANGEUP FEATUREIn a National survey, 94.8% of all softball coaches polled asked for a change up machine – and JUGS listened. Introducing the JUGS Changeup Super Softball™ Pitching Machine! Throws fastballs up to 70 mph and changeups… I purchased the legs for Monroe H.S. Varsity baseball program.

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