DIY After-Sun Butter + The Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Drinking extra water prevents dehydration and assists with wound repair. You can then massage the mixture into your skin as you smoking willow bark would any other moisturizer. Yet, researchers haven’t studied cocoa butter to say for certain whether this is true or not.

Blistering skin means you have a second-degree sunburn. Do not pop the blisters, as blisters form to help your skin heal and protect you from infection. Cover itchy blisters with a wound dressing to reduce the risk of infection. If your blisters open on their own, clean that area with water to avoid infection. Blisters will gradually reduce in size as your sunburn heals. Cocoa butter helps to reduce the scar caused by the peeling of the sunburnt skin.

Plus, they all contain soothing ingredients to help calm your burnt skin. Applying cocoa butter topically may moisturize skin, fight signs of aging, heal damaged skin and reduce stretch marks. Raw cocoa butter can protect your skin from UV radiation, thereby minimizing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines . It contains anti-inflammatory properties and also combats oxidative stress to reduce the signs of premature skin aging. While sunburn is temporary and usually heals on its own, it can cause long lasting damage and increase the risk of skin cancer.

It has anti-inflammatory elements that could lessen swelling and redness. By keeping moisture in the skin while it heals, its fatty acid components may also calm the skin. Too much ultraviolet light exposure from the sun can result in sunburn. Sunlight or man-made sources like sunlamps and tanning beds both produce UV light.

Below, our recommendations on how to soothe the itch, and direct recommendations from experts on how to fight any pain after a day in the sun. Here’s how to treat sunburns with over-the-counter products like moisturizer, aloe vera, ibuprofen and more. Using a gentle moisturizer also helps soothe the skin. Moisturizing creams help hydrate the skin and ease some of the irritation and soreness.

Sunburn is one of those unfortunate reminders that no pleasure in this life is without pain — oh, you want to enjoy this beautiful sunny day? Your indulgence will be punished with a week of fiery skin. Shea butter can also benefit when applied sparingly to babies’ skin because sensitive and dry skin is prevalent in this age group.

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