Disordered eating attitudes correlate with body dissatisfaction among Kuwaiti male college students Journal of Eating Disorders Full Text

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Future studies of male college students need also to take into consideration assessment of purging behaviors, physical activity, dieting history, current dieting status, use of diet pills, and depression. This is the first large-scale study to quantify disordered eating attitudes and its subscales and bodybuilding competition chicago body dissatisfaction based on muscularity and body fat among Kuwaiti college-aged men. The high prevalence of disordered eating attitudes among male college students in Kuwait (46.2%) is consistent with previous observations of Kuwaiti college-aged women (46.4% 😉 and Kuwaiti adolescent boys (47%) .

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To date, the risk of disordered eating attitudes among male Kuwaiti college students has not been studied including the association of this risk with muscularity and body fat. A primary goal of the present study was to assess body image disturbances in Kuwaiti male college-aged students using the Bodybuilder Image Grid . The EAT-26 test screened male Kuwaiti college students for their risk of developing an eating disorder. A secondary objective was to determine what male college students in Kuwait consider to be the ideal male body type with regards to body fat and muscularity. The relatively high obesity prevalence in Kuwait is mirrored by an alarmingly high prevalence of disordered eating attitudes among young people, which exceeds the prevalence reported worldwide and in neighbouring Arab countries .

The prevalence of disordered eating attitudes is the highest reported to date among males in Gulf Cooperation Council and other Arab countries, which might be due to the relatively high prevalence of overweight and obesity in Kuwait . In Kuwait, the proportions of overweight and obesity are considered among the highest in the world. Using BMI, 78% of men and 82% of women in Kuwait were overweight or obese . The overall obesity prevalence in Kuwait was reported to be at 42% compared to 36% in Saudi Arabia, 34% United Arab Emirates, and 26% in Qatar . According to WHO Global Health Observatory for 2016 , 37.9% of Kuwaiti adults are obese, while the prevalence of obesity is 35.5% in Saudi Arabia, 31.7% in the United Arab Emirates, and 35.1% in Qatar. In comparison, the prevalence of obesity was noted to be 36.2% in the USA, 27.8% in UK, 29.4% in Canada, and 29% in Australia.

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