Did Paris Phillips Undergo Weight Loss Surgery? Love And Hip Hop Star Instagram Photos TG Time

Always a class clown, comedy comes naturally to her, and has since childhood. Now, she says, her family is glad that she can earn a living cracking jokes and being silly. As you watch the short trailer, it is quite evident who will carry the “funny” in the movie, Ms. Paris Phillips.

Ray J and Nina Parker try to keep the peace as Brittany B., Lyrica and Sia argue about past statements, career comparisons and their broken friendship. And Lyrica’s issues and a couple of big announcements about Kimberly’s and Lyrica’s plans for the future. The morning after the Season 6 reunion, Paris and Zell dig into some breakfast while dissecting their castmate’s reunion looks. Make sure to follow Paris on her social media networks below to stay up to date with his new releases, tour dates and music videos.

So it looks like it only took her just months to begins seeing weight loss results. Meet Paris Phillips On Instagram Paris Phillips is dynamic on Instagram under the username @whoisparisphillips. She has more than 503k supporters and 1.3k posts on the web-based media stage. Fans may before long discover the genuine justification for why she lost the weight and assuming she had gone through a medical procedure once she posts about it via online media.

Phillips says she wants to use her part on the show to be an inspiration to other women, opening doors for them to be themselves with confidence in all aspects of life. As anyone who watches the show will tell you, Phillips knows how to do just that. It doesn’t hurt that she is a believer in ‘positive vibes’ and ‘good energy’. Many people have been supportive of Paris’s weight loss journey, and some even see her as an inspiration as they try to lose weight. One fan commented on her Instagram page, “I need to know the diet so I can follow .” Precious is now working with producer Rich Dollaz (whether they’ll make lots of dollaz together remains to be seen).

Paris’ sudden weight loss transformation had her fans looking back and dissecting every single picture of her up to 2020. People were used to the 2020 Paris Phillips when she looked significantly resnet ucsb different than now the way she had looked ever since we got to know her. Paris Phillips debuted her new body on the show, which had a lot of viewers of the show dropping their jaws.

People were pleasantly surprised to see her following a weight loss transformation. Before this, she had always been a big girl and now she is anything but. Paris is an active Instagram user whose personal page can be found at @whoisparisphillips. She regularly used the platform for self-promotion as well as fun, and she posts videos, pics, and more.

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