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John has activated a top secret device out of desperation easylife toolz to evade a deadly assassin who is intent on killing him.

If you’re willing to learn a kinda hard and overwhelming game you will be treated with a masterpiece of gaming. A fun game to play that keeps your brain working overtime for the puzzles but definitely needed a longer more detailed ending. All three endings a very short with very little detail which seems what was the whole point of playing the game. The replay value of this game is very poor when you are done with the story as there is no page content at all that you can take care of or some kind of challenges you can perform. The only time when some kind of story emerges is towards the end and it’s very tame of an end in terms of the themes the game is trying to explore. Clips from the video game are shown while the cast comment on “when you visit Frank Spicer’s house.”

Wait until it’s available for free as that won’t be too long off. The only positive thing about this game is the gameplay. But beyond that, everything is just very meh or really bad. All the positively scored reviews that this game has makes no sense.

Clips from the video game are shown while the cast comment on the “ones that are tiny turrets.” Clips from the video game are shown while the cast comment on various NPC deaths. Horrible motion sickness gameplay with no fluidity & convoluted gameplay.

The gunplay is satisfying, the mechanics and physics are well-implemented, and the story is told uniquely. If you loved the dishonored series like I did and enjoyed playing any of those then you’ll feel right at home here mechanically speaking it’s fantastic fun especially on the PS5. I absolutely love the world design, the colors and settings. Whether you fall in love with it or not, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone who has been gaming for years would regret taking this trip. I’ve loved Arkane’s games since I was young. I didn’t believe they could rip those four games…

There are plenty of twists and turns and the way it all comes together is really beautiful. I also love Colt, Juliana, and the way it ends. Also a time travel story really fits the genre of rogue likes . My only complaint isn’t even a complaint and that is that the first bit of the game is jarring, there is a lot to learn. But the game does a great job of teaching you .

I recommend it on deep deep deeeeeeeeep sale. This game feels so cheap compared to other Arkane games, it’s just sad. They had the loop gameplay from the Prey DLC and the powers from Dishonored and then they slapped the name “Deathloop” and BOOM! The story from a character perspective to the unique structure is brilliant. It is a feat of game design that they could structure a game like this and maintain a consistent high quality story.

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