Datamine hints Netflix could partner with PlayStation for game streaming platform

In addition, if you request a download of your data, you can obtain their information – but they can’t ask Netflix for a copy of their own data unless their profile is connected to a separate email address. The exact date of the Netflix Gaming service is still unknown, but based on gathered leaks posted by the data miners, it is possible that it will be released in early 2022. Also, earlier this year, Netflix was reportedly looking to hire an expert in gaming content, and it is speculated that the said expert will be the one to lead its gaming division. Moser revealed that the gaming section of Netflix has the codename Shark. He also showed the placement of PlayStation IP within the system that suggests a collaborative approach, according to IGN. Leaks pointing to a PlayStation and Netflix game streaming collaboration could be exactly what Sony needs to challenge Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Netflix launching with an array of Sony exclusives would surely put a feather in its cap over the likes of Xbox Game Streaming and Google Stadia. At this point, it’s pretty clear Netflix aims to expand into offer video game content through its platform alongside TV shows and movies. However, we still don’t know how the streaming giant plans to make this happen. They can obviously offer Sony a lot of money, but it seems like they’d want something gaming related.

Although the plans are only just being sketched out at the top, we recently reported how Netflix is apparently going to offer a video game streaming service within the next 12 months. A recent datamine indicates that the streaming giant could have forged a partnership genshin how to get fishing rod with PlayStation regarding its gaming streaming platform. As first reported by VGC, dataminer Steve Moser says he uncovered PlayStation brand imagery and content within Netflix’s app code, including Ghost of Tsushima box art and images of PlayStation 5 controllers.

In a retail organisation, on the other hand, the CLV will look at how likely customers are to make future purchases (and how much money they’ll spend), not whether they’ll ‘leave’ your organisation. The four images are supposed to represent Netflix’s current marketing campaign for its gaming sub-brand. It’s a bit of a reach, but Moser drew comparisons between the logo and the PS5’s DualSense controller – suggesting a Sony and Netflix partnership. The streaming service will log that you binged every episode of Breaking Bad in a week, and that you abandoned Seaspiracy 20 minutes in.

It stands to reason that Netflix may be gearing up to offer a service like PlayStation Now via its app. This would draw in more users for both companies and, and allow Sony to reach more people without PlayStation hardware in their homes, in theory. Earlier this year, we saw Sony confirm thatPlayStation Now support for 1080p capable games is on the way– this could all be preparation for what comes next.

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