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When throwing errors, be sure to throw an Error object, and not a string. I’m guessing the problem is with the Vimeo player not liking something about Twine? It sounds like a ResizeObserver is set up, and something it’s doing is causing something else to retry going fullscreen. Neither Twine nor SugarCube use a ResizeObserver, so the error isn’t happening in either of their code. From here, if the actions you need to take for all of the accounts are the same, you can create your tests dynamically like… Hmmm…what do you mean by “interacting with the same file”?

This worked for me, except that I had to return true in the if, to prevent the firing of the default event handler . Also see Error “ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded” Firing When Video Controls Exist. This error means that ResizeObserver was not able to deliver all observations within a single animation frame. The ResizeObserver interface reports changes to the dimensions of an Element’s content or border box, or the bounding box of an SVGElement.

We’re caching this calculated width in a rowWidth variable that is scoped outside our function so we don’t waste time calculating it every time the element is resized. The Raygun4JS captureUnhandledRejections flag is set to true by default. If this is enabled it will automatically send unhandled exceptions to Raygun. For unhandledrejection event browser support, please refer to the MDN documentation. As a workaround, you can specify the –skip-js-errors flag when starting TestCafe.

Remember that work problem I mentioned where I needed to responsively move buttons into a dropdown menu? Once we know the minimum width needed for all the buttons, we can compare oneplus widget weather that to the new container width and transform the row into a column if the buttons won’t fit. To achieve that, we’re simply toggling a container-vertical class on the container.

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Notice that we’re awaiting this.$nextTick() after each loop so the container’s width is allowed to update after the change to this.menuActions. After defining the minimum and maximum widths for our images , we declare our onResize callback. The ResizeObserver passes an array of ResizeObserverEntry objects to our function. If you need a ref to the observe target, you can create another callback ref that stores the element and sets up the ResizeObserver.

That encompasses all the magic we needed to conquer this challenge. Much of the rest of the code in our Vue component is related to the behavior of the dropdown menu, which is outside the scope of this article. Now that we have a full row of buttons, we need to check whether the row is overflowing so we know if we need to move any of the buttons into our action menu.

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