CueMath Reviews How to become a certified Cuemath teacher Is cuemath fake?

Yes, Cuemath has a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Engages children and make them fall in love with math. A child is assigned a puzzle card at the end of his/her Cuemath session and is encouraged to work on it collaboratively with friends, parents, and siblings. As a tutor you can connect with more than a million students and grow your network. Parents can get a discount by signing up for a longer duration . There is also a money-back guarantee if parents are not satisfied with the program.

Face-to-face, online classes with max 6 students. If your report card doesn’t show better marks, we’ll pay back your course fees. Our tech makes the school syllabus understandable & tuition exciting so every student studies smarter, learns faster, & achieves more. Tutors working for Cuemath are experienced teachers and specialists in math. The platform claims they go through a stringent selection and training process, with just three percent of applicants being accepted to teach.

Overall, we were impressed with Cuemath and would recommend it to parents who are looking for an after-school math enrichment program for their children. We liked the fact that the program is flexible and can be customized to each child’s individual needs. We also thought the use of Cuemarkers was innovative and helped sonnets for an old century make learning math more fun for children. The only downside is that the program is relatively expensive compared to other after-school enrichment programs on the market. But if you’re looking for a high-quality math program that will challenge and engage your child, then Cuemath is definitely worth considering.

Below are some of the steps you need to follow before you start earning through cuemath. Cuemath is really very helpful for my daughter. Arundhatima’am is very experienced and helpful. The place is abuzz with excited kids during the classes and that’s proof enough to indicate how well this place is doing.

They now wanted to enroll my kid in coding, really a 3rd grader to coding? And asking me to provide my friends phone number for referral, I gave few phone numbers and now few of my friends started complaining same to me. Few of friends enrolled and after many months they didn’t gave any referral based on that their referral campaign was. I won’t recommend anyone to cuemath, their are much better programs here in US like Russian Math. I have nothing to review about CueMath’s teachers, they are regular teachers, nothing extraordinary about it. The customer service department on the other hand has left me reeling in frustration.

Cuemath offers support via 24/7 live support and online. •Cuemath kids stay ahead of their class by 2 years in school and competitive exams. •Cuemath’s courses and curriculum are designed by math and coding experts from the best universities across the world. Improved grades – Another benefit of using a Cuemath tutor is that the student’s grades are likely to improve. Cuemath program has been shown to be effective in raising test scores and improving grades in school.

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