Crochet Hooks: Types, Sizes, and How to Choose the Best One

It will generally be less of a problem for unfitted pieces like scarves and shawls, where a bigger needle creates a lacier effect. It’ll come out just as adorable with two hands, one needle, and yarn in lots of colors. I am going to try to get all my crochet friends to down load it. I am trying what color is bark heather to teach them to crochet but this is even better, they can get an idea of what hooks are best for different projects and they can reference back to it. Also, some patterns are written only with US or UK terms, so it’s good to know what size the pattern intends before you get started.

However, one thing that all crochet hook sizes have in common is that they measure the diameter of the hook’s shaft. The right combination of crochet hook sizes and yarn sizes also affects your gauges or the number of stitches and rows per inch in your projects. One of the essential tools to create anything with crochet is, of course, your crochet hook. Understanding crochet hook sizes is an important skill to obtain however, this can be a little confusing because different countries have different names for each size of hook. You will need to know where your crochet pattern originated in order to know which size hook is required. There are also many patterns out there for blankets made with super bulky yarn because it works up amazingly quickly.

Bamboo hooks can be less expensive than wooden hooks, but they come in a range of price points. Inline hooks have a deeper throat than tapered hooks do, and the point of the hook is, well, pointier. Broomstick lace hooks are exceptionally thick (just like a broomstick!) and they are used to create large loops or eyelets in your crochet work, which gives a lacy effect. With over 30 years of sewing experience and more than 20 years of crafting I’ve rarely met a craft I didn’t like, and have all the gadgetry to prove it. You’ll often find me in my sewing and crafting room where I design and make garments, quilts, scrapbooks, cards, paper crafts, dolls, home decor and jewelry; just to name a few. I’m always interested in trying the next new thing and love to share my knowledge with others.

If changing the size of your hook still doesn’t work, try using a crochet hook made from a different material. For example, you may find that you get a different tension with a plastic hook rather than with an aluminum one. Place your ruler or tape measure horizontally along the stitches, preferably in a central position. Then place the tape measure vertically along your swatch and count how many rows fit into the 4” measurement. If you have managed to crochet to gauge, you can now continue to your main project. This is a small square of crochet fabric, made using the stitch you will be using for your garment or accessory.

When used for shawls or sweaters, it typically used the larger (G/4.25 mm) hook. A selection of my crochet hooks, Clover soft touch and amour. Metal hooks such as aluminum are the most common crochet hook, and the most widely available. As a beginner, you really want the most basic type of crochet hook, which means you want to avoid all of the specialty hooks out there, like the ones listed below.

For great sewing and crafting inspiration, ideas and tutorials, check outKeepsake Crafts. Crochet Hook sizes vary based on the material, brand, and country that the hook was produced in. I hope this has shed some light into choosing the right hook to crochet a blanket.

The hook can be straight and double ended, or have a flexible cord with a stopper or another hook at the end. You can actually use a smaller or larger size than what is written on the pattern. Some crocheters crochet very loose; consequently, they will need to use a smaller hook than the recommended hook size in the pattern. Those who crochet very tight will have to use a bigger hook than what the pattern suggests. If you’re buying crochet hooks nowadays in the UK, you can expect them to be sold with metric measurements. However, older crochet hooks or hooks that you bought abroad might use a different system.

The price of these hooks is unbeatable, and Susan Bates is a brand that can be trusted. It has been in business for decades and has recently been purchased by the Yarnspirations parent company. Crochet hooks are made in a variety of different materials. The hook that works best for you is a personal preference and will always vary from crocheter-to-crocheter.

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