Crochet Among Us free pattern by Amivui Studio

If you’d like to crochet more free patterns, take a look at our free crochet pattern collection below. Learn how to crochet these Among Us plush characters with these step-by-step instructions. There is also a free video tutorial for those that like a more visual tutorial. The design of the crochet Among Us Amigurumi is pretty simple. It’s a body in a spacesuit with a space helmet. The shape of the crewmate looks like the letter A with the 2 legs.

There are some players who will be randomly assigned to play the role of alien imposters. These imposters’ goals are to kill and frame crewmembers, sabotage the ship, without getting caught. The person with the most votes as the imposter will then be exiled, whether they are innocent or not.

You are welcome to sell finished items you make from this pattern. A credit to “3amgracedesigns” as the designer is appreciated but not required. Get the inexpensive ad-free printable PDF crochet pattern HERE. If you are hosting an Among us party or just wanting to make something geeky and fun then you are sure to love these Crochet patterns. I have not tried to work pattern yet, but I enjoy seeing what you have done.

These are pieces that have been created as part of custom orders, so it is not an exhaustive list. If there is an accessory you’d like to see a pattern for just drop a comment in the box at the end of the page. A half double crochet beanie is nothing new, there are thousands of patterns on the internet for these kinds of beanies, some are free others are paid versions.

If you enjoyed this free project, you can make a donation to support my work. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go directly towards the yarn and supplies I use to keep creating new designs. Sew backpack start from 9th Round from the top of the head, 9 Row down and 8 sc to the side.

A fun group to share crochet projects you’ve been working on or to share patterns! Please Join my group for crochet help or encantado spanish to english just to talk crochet! Then one day, my nephew sent me the pictures of Among Us crewmates and asked me to make one for him.

Almost sounds like a modern day murder mystery. Don’t tell the kids I said that or else they won’t think it’s cool anymore. I am having trouble keeping up lately. I feel like I use to be “with it” and now I am getting more and more oblivious to the newest trends. Oh well I guess that’s a part of aging and mom life.

Most of the patterns below use simple beginner-friendly stitches like the single crochet stitch, which means they are all simple to crochet. You have a set of crewmates and they walk around the space ship carrying out their assignments. But “among them” are 2 imposters they must identify in order to win the game. The imposter goal is to either eliminate the crewmates or play sabotage on the ship.

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