Conversion Tuning Guide

The tuning tweaks and options are interesting, and it’s useful to see what mods do to cars in a “synthetic game environment” and sometimes the same things work in the real world. Tuning for open wheel cars is less complex than I originally thought. In essence open wheel cars require lower rear camber and a more open diff than regular road cars. Mid and rear engine cars in fact don’t require any different tuning than front engine cars.

In Forza, you may see units like Newtons per meter (N/m), kilograms of force per millimeter (kgf/mm), or pounds of force per inch (lb/in). Tune the rest of the car as outlined in this guide or using ForzaTune. Camber is almost always negative or close to zero, and makes a surprising difference in how your cars handle in Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport. You need to be more strategic in Forza Motorsport, and check tire temperatures using the Heat or Tires, Misc.

Forza Horizon 5 introduces more options for fully adjustable differentials, but the same tuning tips apply. The race brake upgrade in Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport gives you better control over how the car decelerates. We will talk about how brake balance, pressure and the type of braking situations determine your tuning approach. First, higher downforce settings create more aerodynamic drag, which reduces top speed. Second, the fully adjustable aero upgrades in Forza don’t always blend well with the original styling of the vehicle. Dampers give you better control of the car as weight is shifting.

If you like the pre-tune performance kit, it’s yours to keep. This can be achieved by tuning your car’s performance through the Upgrades menu in-game. If your readout is going into red regularly under normal conditions, then your tyres are running too hot. Your goal should be to set up your tyre pressures so ketoscience keto burner reviews that under cornering your tyre readout doesn’t go any darker than yellow. While testing your car I would recommend using the telemetry window to show you exactly what is happening at all times. This is accessed in-game by switching Anna for telemetry in the settings and hitting the down button on your d-pad.

Higher differential settings mean more locking of the inside and outside wheels. That means one diff in the front for front-wheel drive or one in the rear for rear-wheel drive. The outside wheel would skid if both wheels were driven at the same rate.

Rear wings, however, could be seen as an option now to provide a bit more mid-corner grip at the cost of a bit of straight-line speed. The increased PI definitely opens up a lot more options when it comes to engines. Just continue getting the higher stages of the main engine upgrades, and if they are maxed, max out the others as well.

However, every car and driver is different, which means your car may still gain a lot from additional tweaks and refinement. If you see any areas your car can continue to improve, don’t hesitate to jump back into the tuning options and make some changes. Along with Force Feedback Scale, this is one of the most commonly misunderstood advanced settings. A point of confusion among wheel users is the fact that the driver’s hand animations in cockpit view don’t turn the steering wheel more than 90 degrees in either direction. This does not represent the actual in game steering wheel rotation, just as the graphical tire steering lock angle is not a 100% representation of the actual physics steering lock. This is one of the reasons a dashboard camera view has been added to game camera views.

The values for this will depend entirely on what you use your car for, but stiff means a quicker extension and soft means slower. Softer suspension is better for off-roading, whereas harder works for track racing and drifting can potentially benefit from stiffer still. Figure out an order that works for you based on your priorities, and don’t be afraid to revisit menus during the process. With spring and dampers and both antiroll bars being essential upgrades and chassis reinforcement/roll cages being ones to avoid, we are left with brakes and weight reduction. Sometimes we don’t want to use springs to tune out oversteer or understeer. It might make the ride too soft and lead to excessive diving or squatting.

The drifting physics are just more forgiving in simcade titles, making them more accessible to more casual fans who just want to go sideways for fun. We’ll be taking a look at each sub-menu or category available in Forza Horizon 5 and how it will affect your car’s performance overall. The most common issues come in the form of understeer and oversteer, so I’ll address those issues first.

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