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The best environmentally friendly choices for roofs would be a great subject to write about. You can even promote some of your best products that are eco-friendly. Although the answer to this will differ, letting readers know the average times for different size houses is a good idea so they understand roughly what to expect. Write a checklist that homeowners need to do before winter arrives. If some points on the list are hard to carry out, suggest that a professional is the best option to prevent problems.

Below, learn the ins and outs of contracting the roofing service that is right for your project and budget. You can learn a lot about the reputation of a contractor from simply reading their reviews and checking how they have been rated by their previous clients. There are also testimonials that can provide you with plenty of information about the reputation of a roofer. Therefore, you have to read a couple of reviews and testimonials prior to making a decision.

Alt tags are a description that you attach to your images. This description is an important place for keywords, but those keywords actually need to match the image at hand. Ultimately all of your online content should be geared towards the user experience.

Lastly, anticipate prospects questions… and answer them in your copy before they are asked. As a roofing contractor, you can sit down and think about the kinds of questions you get on a regular basis for your industry. The popular simple hip roof is a type of roof where all four sides feature symmetrical gentle slopes towards the walls, with no gables or vertical sides to the roof. The defining feature of hip roofs is that the roof faces are almost always identical in pitch, making them symmetrical from the centre point. A cross hipped roof is a common roof type, with perpendicular hip sections that form an ‘L’ or ‘T’ shape in the roof hip. This is a great option for buildings with a more complex layout than a simple rectangle of square, and is a type of roof that will hold well in rain, snow or windy conditions.

Over the years, we have learned exactly what the key ingredients are for the perfect page and the exact way to implement those ingredients. The first component of this is the SEO Title, and when you write your SEO title, you need to use the most important keywords for that page. For your home page, these will be your primary keywords. For your interior pages, these will be your secondary keywords. When you place keywords in your content, you have to be careful not to stuff your content with them but also to retain enough for Google to understand what your page is about.

Not only can Google detect this, but people have a sixth sense for it. A parapet roof is a flat roof with the walls of the building extending upwards past the roof by a few feet around the edges. Also known as kicked eaves, a bonnet roof has four sides with a steep upper slope, and a more gentle lower slope, providing cover around the edges of the house for a porch. This style is more commonly seen in builds from the 1700s, but is often seen as outdated for modern builders.

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