Combat Swords PVE TBC Classic

While you can Mutilate with Stealth during an initial attack you’ll need your opponent to focus on another area or target, or to use Cheap Shot or Kidney Shot combo points. This limits your ability to utilize other abilities cody james hats any good that can deal DPS, rather than striking enemies with a stun. Subtlety is a bit behind in DPS however it compensates the difference with more stealth mechanisms. This includes increased Sap range and fewer blind cooldowns.

The best option for your elixir slots in nearly all cases is; however,is very nearly as good for most builds. In general, choose the flask for progression content and the elixir for farm content. Note thatis superior if the target is a demon — however, it also requiresand, making it a highly expensive option that is typically only used when fighting Brutallus.

In other words, it is written for those who level in Burning Crusade within a few months of its launch. I will update it to be a guide not specific to launch and it will go into version 3.0 of my general rogue guide. However, most of this guide applies to all classes. I¡¯m not an expert at the alliance aspect of BC but I have written this guide to be class agnostic. Taking 2/2 expose armor will be standard for most rogues, but if you don’t need to expose then you can also swap those 2 points out to vile poisons if you prefer.

This ability has a 30 second duration so the ability will need to be refreshed to keep the increased damage buff. If you wish to evaluate the performance of a rogue in your raids using tools like WWS, it is very important to note, first, that there are a large number of factors that affect rogue DPS. Gear and talents both play major roles in total DPS output, but proper ability usage and raid buffs are of even greater import. There are various methods by which you can evaluate each of these factors using a WWS report.

If I see so much as 3 horde in town, I will turn around and go back into HFC for more instance grinding. If that happens I will hit 65 in those instances and skip to Nagrand. Ganking and kill stealing won¡¯t be an issue for me. It¡¯s been a long time since I have made a contribution to the rogue community in the forum of a guide. I wanted to do one a long time ago but with our talent review, I decided to hold off.

This technique is not currently well-modeled, therefore it is difficult to say whether Shivving to save your DP stack is a DPS loss or gain. As with other precise DPS techniques, it may not be worthwhile to attempt this tactic during an encounter that isn’t specifically DPS-focused. Theis worthy of special mention because its proc’s power can be somewhat controlled through appropriate timing of finisher usage. This effect enables the Talisman to reach slightly greater performance in reality than theoretical models indicate. For a combat build at most gear levels, this places the Talisman above[Warp-Spring Coil]andfor situations where you can focus on optimal energy pooling.

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