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“He’s not here” became the bartenders’ refrain for callers in search of a certain famous UNC athlete.

Besides his personal projects, the photographer lends his distinctive style to the advertising campaigns of prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, or Elie Saab. The original owner who always avoided calls repeated the phrase “he’s not here” so often, it became the obvious choice for the bar’s name. The print is inserted into a 480 mm thick solid-wood, custom-built frame, assembled by hand. On the sides of the frame, we find two notches allowing the work to be hung directly. In galleries or on Yellowkorner.com it is possible to order the mounted print with or without a frame. Mounting is a procedure use to provide a solid support for an Art photograph, to present an irreproachable display for the largest formats.

Some also believe patrons would call looking for Michael Jordan and other UNC athletes, prompting the same response. Thirdly, some believe the name is based on a Jackie Gleason movie. I’m not gonna sit here and try to talk you out of getting a Ye record, get the records that make your collection feel complete. My first rap LP was 36 Chambers and I still listen to that same one once a month.

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The bar has become a landmark in the Chapel Hill community, being frequented by both athletes from UNC and Duke and other prominent people such as country star Chase Rice. Matte acrylic glass is adapted to rooms with direct exposure to light and provides an anti-reflective coating for your art. High-gloss acrylic glass is suitable for rooms with indirect lighting on the photograph. In the Mistress series, British photographer John Wright explores the various phases of an extra-marital affair. With He’s Not Here, the photographer symbolises denial but also the disappointment of a betrayal. While the scene is set somewhere in the America of the 1950s, the picture nevertheless represents a universal and timeless act.

The framed gallery formats include a white passe-partout, creating a space between the print and the acrylic glass plate of the frame. It is a cardboard plate covered with laid paper on which we cut out a bevelled window to accommodate the print. This passe-partout highlights the artwork and gives it greater depth. Invisible and reflection-free, it ensures perfect colour restitution and allows the details to emerge without the slightest alteration, so that the attention is focused on the artwork. This technique consists of directly applying a matte acrylic-glass plate onto a print after mounting, including a protective anti-reflective finish. This finish is ideal for dark or black-and-white prints.

YellowKorner proposes photographic prints on high-quality traditional paper with a certificate of authenticity. The prints are developed in our laboratory in numbered limited edition, with between to copies available worldwide depending on the format. The prints are developed in our laboratory in numbered limited edition, with between 50 to 500 copies available worldwide depending on the format. For security reasons, please note that the artworks are not delivered inside the frame. This finish is ideal for heightening the colours of the photograph.

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. You can also receive this artwork by email and then return to it with your smartphone. A protective plate on the back including two metal supports allowing it to be hung with a hook. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The bar went through renovations in the early 2010s to improve the bathrooms and add murals to the outside walls and courtyard. In 1972, friends Michael Troy and David Kitzmiller founded the Carolina Kegand later changed the name to He’s Not Here.

The size of the print varies from one artwork to the next. The total dimension, including the passe-partout is 40×50 cm or 50x70cm depending on the format chosen. He’s Not Here, also known as He’s Not, is a bar located at 112 W. The 43-year-old bar is known for its “Blue Cups”, which contain 32 ounces of beer or cider, rather than the 12 oz of a normal bottled beer. The bar features both inside and outside seating, even featuring live music outside on Fridays, weather permitting.

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