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At the time, the game had an estimated 200 million players, most in China, and analysts anticipated that Nintendo would be releasing the Switch in China by 2019 as part of this deal. As a result, Nintendo’s stock price rose overnight on the news by 7%, reaching a nine-year high. Nintendo’s stock reached its ten-year high shortly after the October 2017 expansion of Switch production to 2 million units per month and speculation that Nintendo would likely start selling the unit in China sooner than anticipated.

That’s another space-saving idea we’ll be banking. @HalBailman If by my warped meaning of “beefed up” you mean Merriam-Webster’s warped meaning, then sure. Also, I never said the Pro is a Sony concept; I said it’s a Sony name, which is why Nintendo will obviously not use the name “Switch Pro” if they ever upgrade the hardware. All of your other claims are just your personal opinions. It’s your opinion that GBC was a minor update to the GB, but like I said both GBC and PS4 Pro were about double the power of their base models, so if the GBC is a minor update then so is the PS4 Pro.

Aside from all four Day 1 JoyCons having horrible drift SINCE Day 1, and using the Pro for a few a few months since Day 1 and then the PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller every day after, my Switch is in perfect condition. I’ve been through 2 sets of Joycons and the sides of the screen are scuffed up by the dock but other than that it still works. Whats worse is that the cooling fan is acting up too so that needs a replacement, this causes it to overheat.

Just a little joycon drift , but otherwise it is still in perfect condition thanks in part to the Satisfye Grip. It is well worth the money – comfortable and avoids all of physical stresses away from the Switch. Otherwise, the console is working fine, though it rarely travels around or is played undocked. Never had any cracking, although I probably should replace the old screen protector, honestly works as well as it did day 1 – couldn’t be happier with it.

Got my switch the day of release and still use the original grey joycons. The system works great, a lite crack in the back plate is there but plate is still attached. On start up the joycons have some drift but I wiggle them and that works the bugs out (the drift disappears and doesn’t come back until it sits awhile). hr generalist nyc I use a screen protector since day one so screen is great. I’ve still got my launch day Switch, which still been working since day one and I’ve just recently got myself a OLED Switch. I’ve had 2 joy-cons and one HORI split pad Pro drift on me and have two functional Pro controllers, one being the Xenoblade 2 edition.

Further, eShop purchases, while still tied to the Nintendo Account, are not tied to the specific Switch console, as was the case for previous Nintendo hardware. Launch day Switch doesn’t hold battery charge and the on screen percentage swings through the roof, going from 100 to 1 to 83 to 14 in two second. Might very well be because I live in this wooden cabin in the forest and it sometimes freezes inside at night. Some drifting sticks as well, but my big Binbok controllers do just fine, best joy cons for the Switch that I know of. In April 2018, two separate groups discovered a method to use an exploit chain in the Tegra chip system that can be used to boot other software on the Switch.

The console has rails on the side, into which the Joy-Con controllers can be slid to attach them to the Switch unit. An ambient light sensor on the front of the console adjusts the screen’s brightness automatically. The model number of the original Switch model is “HAC-001”. Part of the inspiration of the Switch’s form and design was from feedback players had given Nintendo on the Wii Remote, according to Shinya Takahashi.

It works with a wired Hori-pad when in docked mode, or fine in handheld mode, but separate joy cons or pro controllers just fail their persuasion checks every time. My two original sets of joy cons are drifting but all other sets I have are fine. I got my first Switch model back in November 2018 and upgraded to the Switch OLED in October 2021.

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