‘Can I Curl My Hair after a Keratin Treatment?’ Straightening

This specific treatment is only available at Goldwell salons, so you’ll have to do your research. Keep scrolling to learn all about what it’s like to get a keratin hair straightening treatment. This is the story of how a keratin hair straightening treatment actually changed my life. Treatments last around 10–12 weeks and repeating the treatment every few months will allow re-treatment of the new growth. This system does not guarantee completely straight hair.

Please do suggest a leave in conditioner that you think might help me. I was told to get another treatment even after I told them the crazy hair fall I was going through. This allows versatility to style wavy or straight as desired.” Michelle Regalado is a seasoned editor, fact-checker, and content strategist with expertise in women’s lifestyle news. Sign up for our FREE daily newsletter, Glow for celebrity hairstyle inspo, skincare tips, major makeup looks, and more direct to your inbox.

However, if you go for heatless curls using a foam curling rod or hair rollers, the curls might not look as defined, despite being the much safer option. I’ve answered all these queries and more when it comes to keratin-treated hair. After a keratin treatment, your hair is in a highly malleable state. You’ll also need to avoid sulfate shampoos that will lift the treatment before it bonds to your hair.

I’d advise you to stay on the safer side and only start curling your hair 2 weeks after getting your keratin treatment. Your hair has already been through a lot with the keratin treatment as the process usually involves using heat to add keratin protein to the strands and to rearrange molecules on hair cuticles. Now coming to the other important bit – when is it okay to curl your hair after a keratin hair treatment. So if you’re nearing the end of the treatment or even midway through, it should be good enough to experiment with curls, waves, and whatever hairstyle you fancy. Avoid swimming for 4 days, then wear a swim cap in chlorinated water. Don’t get your hair wet in the first few days after you get your keratin treatment, as it may ruin the results.

This is to ensure the best results and to keep your hair as straight and frizz-free as possible. Now, this two-week wait can vary depending on hair type. If you have fairly thick, healthy hair, you could try curling your hair after one week.

When you sleep, leave your hair down and use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce creases and frizz. Try to sleep flat on your back with your hair straight. butterfly locs with natural hair Touch and brush your hair as little as possible during the first 3 days, and wash your hair 2-3 times a week after the 4th day so the treatment lasts.

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