Camwood Training Bats

Primarily recommended for tee work, front toss, and on-deck, but can be used in all training facets – including live pitch. Practicing with CamWood Training Bats has proven success with professional teams as well as many high-schools and colleges. This weighted training bat is designed to build speed and strength without harming the hitter’s swing mechanics. By swinging 125 times a day in workouts and drills, it is proven a hitter can increase bat speed by more than 10% in less than 10 weeks. The CamWood Hands and Speed training bat is a weighted ash bat designed to help baseball and softball players increase their swing speed and power, without sacrificing proper swing mechanics. Regular use during tee work, as well as front toss and on-deck dry swings, can help build forearm strength and increase the speed and power in your swing.

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We use this glove inside the program to emphasize proper mechanics while fielding the ball… When following the CamWood strength training plan, players have reported up to a 10% increase in speed in just 6 weeks. The additional weight of the trainer is balanced so that you are not likely to notice a dramatic difference in weight, while still receiving all the benefits of the training. Sizing a bat is simple – a player should always train with the same length bat that he plays with. For example, if you hit with a 28-inch bat, then you should train with a 28-inch bat. The extra weight is distributed in such a way that it does not seem heavy.

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We have done our very best to offer you the availability of our instructors. Through different communication outlets , we’ve given you options for how to communicate with us about any successes or struggles your player may be facing. I honestly saw and continue to see improvement in my son’s ability BUT because he has a batting coach how can I honestly say its the bat or the coach. If you’re looking for a magic bullet it doesn’t exist. I believe if it causes your player to be better only because they are doing the drills and practice it still achieved the goal you were looking to achieve.

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