CampFi Southwest Review and a Conversation About Creating More Welcoming Spaces in the FIRE Community

Amanda shares her “why” along with other great insights on partnering with your spouse to accomplish financial goals. Tried and true long-term money strategies are great, but sometimes we just want to know the best hacks for spending less and saving more. Ever found yourself sticking to old, boring finance guides that have been possibly passed down from four generations? “Lower your expenses, Increase your income” is a piece of advice we might have already seen in articles that talk about achieving financial goals.

Another reason is to be done with mortgage insurance. When you don’t have the 20% necessary for the down payment, many mortgages will make you pay mortgage insurance to protect themselves in case you default on your payments. Many look at the lower interest rates currently, and choose to refinance to save money. This will then lead to smaller payments every month.

No matter your level of ‘handiness’, frugality can intervene. Out of the biggest expenses we incur, transportation falls in the top 4! So if we are looking to cut spending and save we’ve got to look at this category! On this episode we talk about the ways we can limit our transportation costs and commute frugally. If you do this you will get $10 bonus cash back and so will we. Whatever the situation, setting financial boundaries with friends and loved ones can be tough, but necessary!

Great rates, low fees, easy to navigate website for setting up payments, etc. Yes, private mortgage insurance premiums can be removed when you refinance your conventional loan. However, it’s generally removed automatically when you’ve reached 22 percent home equity, which is the same as sbloc etrade 78 percent loan-to-value ratio. However if you’re paying mortgage insurance premiums on an FHA loan, you’ll need to refinance to another loan type to remove mortgage insurance. Today’s refinance rates have risen from the all-time lows seen in 2020 and 2021 during the Covid pandemic.

I’ve done it once in my life and afterward regretted using my money when I could have gotten a loan and kept my cash. As soon as they ran my credit I started to get phone calls from other lenders. Competitive lenders tried to convince me to fill out an application to see if they could beat my lender’s rates. Finally, when refinancing your current home or investment real estate, remember to keep your goals in mind when choosing a lender.

We are going to water and give a little bit of sunlight to the ideas and skills within you. Nothing gets our ears perked up more than the word “FREE.” We love free and ACTUAL useful stuff because who doesn’t? Buy Nothing Groups are a great way to get things for free and to pass on things you don’t need. In this episode, the Frugal Friends are excited to do a deep dive into them as they share the purpose, alternatives, problems you may encounter, and useful tips on joining buy nothing groups. It’s that season again and this time we’re pushing back the vanity, obligatory, and first-hand brand-new gifts that we feel like we need to give to our loved ones. Today we are going to break the norm and normalize secondhand gifting.

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