Cable Flys Variations and Exercise Tips for the Cable Machine

Attach a single handle to one of the cable towers at shoulder height. Attach a single handle above shoulder height on each cable tower. This movement, when the shoulder is kept in neutral rotation, primarily targets the middle head of the deltoid. The anterior and posterior heads of the deltoid will also co-contract to aid in the abduction function. If the shoulder is laterally rotated, the anterior deltoid becomes the prime mover of the glenohumeral joint, the posterior deltoid de-activates, and the middle head assists. By bending at the waist or leaning against a bench, the line of pull created allows the lateral deltoid to be isolated to a higher degree.

Wrist flexors, biceps, brachialis, abdominals, and lower back muscles are among the other muscles that operate or perform the role of stabilizer muscles. With dumbbells in your hands, slide up and back against the stability ball until the tops of your shoulder blades are resting on the ball. Drive through your feet to dynasty vacation club reviews press your hips up to the ceiling. Once you’ve established a steady position, press the dumbbells up with your palms facing inwards. At the bottom of your first rep, find a stretched but comfortable position with your left arm. Keep that arm in an isometric hold as you complete reps as normal with your right arm.

Bending the elbows too much limits the exercise’s range of motion and decreases effectiveness. This prevents unnecessary stress on the shoulders and allows for correct form and technique. The incline dumbbell fly targets the upper pectorals and is a great way to improve chest development.

This movement can be included into your chest workouts, push workouts, upper body workouts, or full body workouts. Using an overhand grip that’s just beyond shoulder width, hold the bar above your sternum, keeping your arms straight. Press the dumbbells up and squeeze your chest at the top position. Lower back with control, allowing your elbows to rest briefly on the ground.

The downward movement can be tricky, so beginners should be practiced slowly, deliberately, and with a pause in the bottom position. This is also an important exercise for getting the pecs and lats working together. The elastic resistance perfectly matches where you’re strongest in this movement. By the end of this article, you’ll be perfectly equipped to maximize your chest gains without worrying about access to equipment. Add it to your chest strengthening workout for more variety.

Doing this variation on an incline allows you the flexibility to more directly target your upper pecs. Secondly, the tension is different from that of a dumbbell, barbell or any other free weight. This is because cable machines provide a flat resistance curve, rather than an ascending or descending strength curve. In other words, with cable exercises, there is constant tension. So, a cable fly or press will be equally as hard at the top of the range as it is in the bottom of the range, whereas with dumbbells, it is hardest in the stretched position. Start with your arms out wide and your hands just below the height of your shoulders.

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