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Sneaker Shields’ Gen-X Universal Crease Preventer is made with durable, washable and non-absorbent materials that maintain their shape. Made from a very thin plastic design, this toe box crease preventer will make you feel very comfortable in some of your favorite litzy lara banuelos shoes. To jumpstart your search, we compiled some of the best toe box crease preventers for keeping your pairs in tip-top shape. Formed with a cushy foam material, Force Field’s Toe Box Crease Preventersshould fit comfortably inside the toe box of most sneakers.

Unfortunately,ForceFields are made of soft foam, which may absorb sweat and moisture more than the plastic of Sneaker Shields. With six pairs of rubber and plastic protectors included, the Mudder Shoe Crease Protector set delivers more bang for your buck. Each protector features perforations for breathability and is easy to clean. Whether you just bought a brand new pair of sneakers or you’re planning to replace a worn-out favorite soon, I strongly recommend buying a pair of ForceFields, too.

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Adhesive strips help keep the preventer in place while you go about your day looking and feeling fly. When I first started collecting sneakers a a high schooler in about 2008, I didn’t have the funds to buy new pairs all the time, so I would try to fix the creases I’d created in my sneakers. So it’s always worth popping a pair into your new sneakers before you wear them.

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