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It detoxes your body and gets you back into healthy eating. It helped jumpstart my weight loss and my health journey.” All the research in health science will eventually point to phytonutrients because, at the end of the day, it’s plants that heal us.

With these issues in mind, faithfree only fans created a simple system that solves the problems with juicing so people can get everything they need from fruits and vegetables for the day. We have a company that makes organic phytonutrient-rich products so people can juice smarter and finally have a natural, accessible way to feel amazing every day. However, most people don’t understand why they would need such an ungodly assortment of plants and why their green juice doesn’t taste like a sugar-laden Jamba Juice. People are looking for a silver bullet to health, and it’s never that simple. We actually juice fresh young wheatgrass, barley grasses and alfalfa because it yields 6x more greens. Our bodies don’t digest grasses very well so juicing is the best way to reap the amazing health benefits of grasses.

I have to beg my friends to wash my hair because I can’t even touch water at times. With no added sugar, these flavorful juices are a refreshing way to get your nutrients. Highest quality ingredients that are 100% organic, non-GMO with no fillers, added sugars or artificial ingredients. Juices contain pounds of vegetables- don’t settle for a pesticide cocktail.

Smart Pressed Juices are made from organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that are freshly pressed and immediately dehydrated to lock in nutrients at their height. The product line currently features organic greens, superfood plant protein and activated sprouted fibers. As a result, Smart Pressed Juice is celebrated by both the beverage and wellness industry for its fresh and affordable approach to juicing.

Alkalize, detox and mineralize with our superfood blend of cracked cell chlorella, spirulina and sea veggies. We feature 11 different farm-fresh vegetables including kale, spinach, broccoli, beets and more. We use a smart combination of whole vegetables, because our bodies function wonderfully from the phytonutrients and fibers that naturally occur in these veggies. At the end of the day, we want to give up- we’ve tried everything.

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