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From painting plastic to creating a chalkboard wall, Rust-Oleum Specialty has a broad range of project-specific paints that have special performance features and colors. Project-specific paints that provide creative and practical solutions in and around the home. Rust-Oleum Universal is the first all-surface spray paint. Its new ergonomic grip and 360º any-angle spray creates an experience that’s one of a kind. Paints any surface- wood, plastic, metal, concrete, glass, vinyl, and more.

Rust-Oleum products no longer contain whale oil, instead using resins derived from alkyds, polyurethanes, epoxies, latex, etc. Our brands provide solutions to virtually every coatings problem, whether its maintenance engineers wishing to protect metalwork or painting contractors seeking to cover smoke damage. Our network of Sales Engineers and Technical Advisors works alongside our distribution partners to ensure the right product is specified for even the most demanding conditions. Water-based single pack hygienic topcoat for walls and ceilings where hygiene control is essential, tintable in many colours and different gloss levels. This clear finish adds a protective layer that increases the life span of your valuables. Preventing rust, dust, and external factors from harm’s way.

Federal law prohibits any person from selling products subject to a Commission ordered recall or a voluntary recall undertaken in consultation with the CPSC. Rust-Oleum LeakSeal – Flexible Rubber Coating Spray to Seal Leaks and Cracks Instantly – Makes them water-tight giving a paintable finish. Based on acrylic resins with UV-cross-linking system, for waterproofing facades. Instantly waterproof elastic paint with crack-bridging fibres for roofs, non-walkable terraces, gutters, ridge-pieces, chimney stacks, pipes, etc. The product has better UV resistance and improved hydrophobic properties. Products that adhere to very smooth plastic surfaces.

Rustoleum Wood Care products are made from the finest ingredients to protect and restore your wood. Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Coating; Easily transform the look of concrete surfaces. Idea for Pool decks, Walkways, Basement floors, Patios. This innovative, one-step formula creates a big difference with minimal effort. Rust-Oleum has an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5, based on over 216 reviews left anonymously by employees. 61% of employees would recommend working at Rust-Oleum to a friend and 52% have a positive outlook for the business.

Water-based 2-pack hygienic epoxy topcoat for walls where hygiene control is essential. Very fast-drying multi-purpose single pack acrylic water-based paint for floors and paint marking. At, we good names for instagram also offer Rust-Oleum’s Universal paint. This exciting new line of spray paints can be applied to any and all surfaces. And the ergonomic design makes it easier on your fingers and supplies a well-fitting grip.

Find out more about salaries and benefits at Rust-Oleum. This rating has decreased by -12% over the last 12 months. Sometimes feels like internal business decisions are being made with an “old school” mentality instead of looking for fresh ideas. Good work/life balance, with the ability to work from home part of the week. Great company culture that contributes to a chill work atmosphere. Management mostly allows you to complete goals and assignments without micromanaging.

Paints enhance the surface with long lasting color. Primers prevent rust and ensure a smooth, even top-coat. Achieve the maximum adhesion, durability and protection offered by Rust-Oleum EPOXY Shield. Full range of high quality decorative paints for any wall in any situation whatsoever. Single pack high performace topcoat for walls and roofs, ideal for moist conditions and making roofs white. Also ideal to minimise dirt retention on DACFILL® or NOXYDE®.

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands is a leading manufacturer of protective paints, coatings, lubricants and specialty products for both home and industry. Rust-Oleum delivers premium innovative, cost effective solutions to problems caused by rust, heat, abrasion, chemicals, and everyday wear and tear. Spray paints, enamels, epoxies, urethanes, cleaners, mold and mildew solutions, concrete repair and coating products are just a few of the industrial-grade solutions Rust-Oleum offers. All Rust-Oleum Industrial coatings are formulated with the highest quality ingredients so the result is a durable, professional finish that looks great and lasts for years to come. This topcoat makes every surface Non-skid in a second. SuperGrip™ Anti-Slip sprays are based on a fast drying acrylic modified short oil alkyd.

Rust-Oleum has coating systems that meet stringent requirements and has all the necessary expertise. Vernon Hills High School’s football stadium is named Rust-Oleum Field, as the company donated $100,000 in exchange for 20 year naming rights. Additionally, Libertyville High School’s baseball program receives sponsorship from the corporation.

In addition, corrosion of the container can result in leakage, posing a risk of skin and eye irritation upon contact. These liquid-armor resurfacers offer a high-performance, low-maintenance, long-lasting alternative to the endless cycle of repairing and repainting. Rust Oleum Cabinet & CountertopTransformations is a revolutionary, do-it-yourself coating system that creates a premium cabinet & Countertop finish at a fraction of the price. The unique, do-it-yourself coating system is simple to apply, durable for everyday use and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The product contains the substance methyl salicylate which must be in child resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act .

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