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Soft locs also appear to be significantly more natural and realistic. Here is the option to wrap the yarn with the hair. It will create a miserable look in the viewer’s eyes. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love.

Last option is to wrap passion twist around the crochet loc and your natural hair from roots to the ends of the loc. This will give you a more dramatic distressed faux loc look. If you have some experience in wrapping faux locs, prefer a less textured look or just willing to learn to use this hair.

Soft Locs are the solution for all your doubts and worries. They offer you a range of protective hairstyles which are also easy to create and maintain. To do this, use fake crochet locs and do a water wave twist. This action will help you fix the locs at the hairline. With this method, wrap the hooks at the roots with your own hair. It is advisable not to wrap too tightly at the base and also not to wrap it too loosely.

You do not need to wrap all the way down for this style. You can wrap until the halfway point and then just simply twist the rest of the hair. You can further improve the look by putting some what hair to use for butterfly locs soft locs in a top knot and letting two fall on the front. It is a much more modern and contemporary style. Create a bolder and more courageous style by shaving the hair on one side.

Hair stylists weave these locs in a way to make the strands appear soft and relaxed. This hairstyle offers various material alternatives, installation techniques, and design modifications. If you want to commit to soft locs hairstyle, check out this post to learn all you need to know. Best Lynchburg Faux Locs Stylist specializing in protective styles for natural hair. Hairs styling serving Lynchburg, Boonsboro, Charlottesville, Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas. You can do this by pinching the base of your loc and slowly twisting it in the opposite direction to how the hair was wrapped.

Before soft locs evolved into soft and natural looking we know them today, faux locs had been taut and firm. So, basically any soft, or at least not firm, faux crochet locs can be addressed as soft locs. The locs do not create extra tension for your hair and keep humidity, pollution and other harmful agents at bay. There are a few different ways to create tension free locs that are soft.

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