Bunksat nicknames

You use this expression when you feel annoyed that something happened to you. So by category, this cursing word is also considered ‘mild’ or not as profane as the rest in this list. This will depend on how the curse words are used and who the words are addressed to.

In this sentence, the word ‘bangsat‘ is used with the word ‘bodoh‘ or stupid to make the word has harsher meaning and will be a worse insult toward the person. Similar with English, Bahasa Indonesia also commonly uses two swearing words to intensify the insult or expressing anger. According to KBBI, ‘bangsat‘ means bedbug or disgusting louse.

He applied no pressure at all and let us come to our decision at our own pace. In this blogpost, we will discuss top 8 most common cursing words in Indonesian. We find it quite amusing when our students specifically ask us to teach them Indonesian cursing words. Because football all pro passer we often find this as one of most requested topics, believe it or not, we thought to compile the basic ones and post them here, just for your information. Every attempt has been made to ensure the information contained in this site is valid at the time of publication.

In most occasion, Indonesian used the word ‘bangsat‘ as a swearing word to express their anger toward somebody. In English, ‘bangsat‘ is similar as scum, crook, or any other word that has harsh meaning. To recap all the explanations above, the meaning of the word ‘bangsat‘ is a swearing word used to express anger or hate towards a person. Its equivalent meaning in English are scum, crook, or son of a bitch. Thus, is a harsh word, don’t use it in public or you will be in danger.

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Each sentence will have its translated version and context written in English directly below it. So, pay attention to each sentence to know how to use ‘bangsat‘ properly in a conversation. Every language has its own version of cursing words, Indonesian included. Just like any other cursing words, we would not recommend you to say any of these words to anyone. We went to the Fort Worth RV Show the next weekend, and we saw nothing from any dealer there that could match the coach or the price from MHS.

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