Bull City renovates its space; Nick’s named top small-town restaurant; Sinfully Delicious moving

Steven and I split all four so we really only had two whole burgers. Anyway, with the break and travel in between, we were getting loaded up pretty fast. This was the last one that we had that day and truthfully, I didn’t want it and didn’t enjoy it. It was way too much to try at once and while I don’t usually give second chances, this wasn’t King’s Hot Dogs’ fault.

You can stack up to five burger patties on one bun, and the owner says their popular pork chop sandwich is bigger than your face. A lot of people highlight that prices are low for what you get. 4.7 is what this place got from the Google rating system. Menu is for informational purposes only. Menu items and prices are subject to change without prior notice. For the most accurate information, please contact the restaurant directly before visiting or ordering.

I have said this a bit in the last few months, but PASB is a hidden gem in this town and we need to make it less hidden. Liberty St, WSNC. The reason this got #6 is that it had no category below an “8” rating. This is almost certainly a frozen patty. But, this is the perfect example of taking a frozen patty and making it taste delicious. Stephanie and I stopped after going to her mom’s for the nightly check-in. It wasn’t on the list but I saw it on the menu and decided to give it a shot.

So, Street Team Steven, my wife, Stephanie, and I are looking for the next “tour” for 2022. I think Cheesesteak has been mentioned, but I’d like to hear thoughts on other tours we could do. Burritos, tacos, pizza, subs, sushi , and so on. The Man Who Ate the Town’s Burger Tour ’21 recap. I welcome comments and friendly discourse.

The patty was cooked just right and all the ingredients popped well together. YCC is located at 424 4th Street in WSNC. The two Greensboro locations did fairly well, too , but the K-Ville location won due to the “overall happiness” rating. The experience was better here, not that it wasn’t before the onion rings were spectacular, too and that adds to the experience. All three locations were solid, actually. I think part of it was the owner actually made the burger there.

This time around, with time to season the grill and the employees, they were able to knock it out of the park. Now, I can’t remember what it was but something was wrong with our order. Either it was totally science github io supposed to not have lettuce on it and did, or something was left off that was supposed to be on it. In the ratings, I nicked it a bit for that. But, my silly self didn’t put down what it was.

If there was a burger sauce like a “special sauce” or Russian dressing type thing, we used that instead of the mayo. The difference wasn’t really noticeable in the grand scheme of things. Some of the ones on this year’s list are pub burgers, others are diner burgers. Pub burgers are usually around 7-8 oz.

Thanks to the listeners of the podcast and readers of this blog for your valuable support. There are some that we couldn’t put in the contention for the official ranking because of several factors; some of which are chains , specialty burgers, availability, etc. To recap the tour, we started this on March 22, 2021 , and it ran until the week after Thanksgiving. Yes, there were 102 to choose from but I didn’t get to all of them. I couldn’t (and really shouldn’t) have more than 3 or 4 a week. Some that were missed were ones that I really wanted to get to but just didn’t for whatever reason, whether for proximity, convenience, or honestly, desire.

O….M….G! What a great burger, We drove 40 minutes and were rewarded with an awesome burger, Without a doubt we’ll be going back. In 2019, Taste of Home Magazine hand picked Nick’s as the Best Small-Town Restaurant in North Carolina! You’ll want to check out #33 on their list. Enjoy this MASSIVE hand-breaded sandwich with your choice of toppings. Our Classic all beef gourmet hot dog with all the fixings.

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