BUILDING MY HOMEMADE TRUCK FLATBED OUT OF WOOD Bing video Truck flatbeds, Wooden truck bedding, Diy truck bedding

Note that they’re mounted 1” in from the end of the drawer supports. And as you can see on the right, a 4”x5” hole was cut from the rear Passenger-side support to allow for longer items (like my Tenkara fly rod!) to be stored alongside the passenger-side wheel well. A truck with a telescopic crane delivers packages containing a wood block house, a pre-cut wooden house which is assembled on-site. If this couple who’s been married 37 years can set it up , then so can you!

Copy space to add own text on blurry house, door, driveway & green bush fence in background. Photo showing a pile of bark mulch / wood chips compost on a truck / lorry, being unloaded from the van for a garden landscaping project. This bark mulch is the by-product of a tree surgeon business.

Measure the truck’s width and use that to cut the 2×6 pieces. After removing the old truck bed, gather the wood pieces for the wooden bed and the hardware. Cut the wood to size the outer width of the truck and assemble the base of the bed.

Use galvanized steel washer and square bolts to attach the pieces to the truck. Now, burn and stain the wood pieces used for the actual bed. Our solution to these short comings is a structural fiberglass bed. This bed system allows loading and unloading from both sides and the rear. There are no wheel wells so you have a larger payload area. The flat bed body is framed with strong FRP square tubing.

One major benefit of FRP is that our bed weighs less than 450 lbs. The weight reduction of our bed allows for more payload living room ideas with light wood floors and better gas mileage. Section #3 was cut to provide easy access to the rear driver-side storage area and wheel-well.

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