Brewer’s: Quidnunc

The King Quidnunc brand of beer is also known as “The King of Beers.” It is a popular style of beer because it is a perfect example of how a beer should be brewed. The beer is a natural carbonated beer with a smooth flavor and a slightly higher alcohol content than other beers. King Quidnunc is one of the most popular beers in the world. The King Quidnunc brand of beer is produced by a brewery in France.

There was Sleepy Hollow, Sherwood Forest, Hundred Acre Wood, Gypsy’s Skies, Caravan, Trails End, Neppies Nook, Hilltop, Journeyman’s, Pioneers, and the ever-changing Sky Blue. Then it was renamed Upper Sky Blue and Lower Sky Blue, split up probably because of its size. Over the years, it has also been known by a few other names such minerva elementary as Cricket Hill and the short-lived Rocky Ledges. It ran back to the dining hall and it was used to deliver food and supplies. It sat in front of the DD, and it put out the most delicious, cold, spring water you’ve ever tasted. The bathroom facilities were called the La, which basically was a two-sided outhouse with no privacy.

There are many stories about the meaning of the name Quidnunc, and the reasons the camp was so named. Some say it comes from Latin quid nunc meaning what now. It’s also been said to describe a person who was forever asking, what now or what’s the news? However you want to look at it, the word has been reborn in recent years. Girl Scout camp for us New York City girls was located in upstate New York, Harriman State Park to be more specific.

Picture someone who spends hours each day debating politics, indiscriminately consuming serious news and dubiously sourced gossip, yet takes no part in actual political action. That might describe many twenty-first-century Twitter users. As philosopher Uriel Heyd writes, it’s also how satirists depicted obsessed news consumers in eighteenth-century Britain. But if I drink three 12 oz cans a day and they all drink a lot of it, I will have a big party.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that there is only one thing scarier than a murderous authoritarian thug who executes suspected criminals on a whim way outside any kind of law and order. Your faithful hack is talking Philippine President Rodrgio “Snuff ’Em” Duterte. This old codger got elected by promising to kill thousands of criminals to make his country safer, although human rights watchers say “criminals” are often just drug addicts and homeless street children. Colorado GOP Sen. Cory Gardner is under flack attack for quietly slipping off recently to the Philippines to meet with hit-man Duterte, impressing yours truly and many others with such flagrant courage.

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