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But after being public about her views on same-sex marriage and offering full support and respect to the LGBT+ community, Jen was kicked out of the church board. Her career as a Christian author and speaker also went down when she started criticizing Donald Trump and his policies. The couple got married in 1993 and have five children together. The couple split in August 2020 after several years of marriage. Just ten weeks before announcing the split, Jen had also posted a sweet post celebrating her marriage with Brandon and the days they have spent together. Five children—Sydney Beth, Ben, Gavin, Remy, and Caleb—were born to the couple after their 1993 wedding.

Ministerial ordaining has been conferred upon Brandon Hatmaker. Together with his wife, he founded the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas. He rarely missed church services growing up because of his passion for pastoral work. He established the church with his then-wife, Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker, in 2008. Three are biological while two were adopted in 2015. The couple did not disclose the reasons for their divorce.

The NGO deals with sustainable housing, preventing child trafficking, and providing health care. Brandon Hatmaker is an American religious leader, author, and social media personality. Hatmaker is famous for being Jen Hatmaker’s husband, and the two were a force to reckon with because of their signature moves in the Texas church.

The couple gave birth to these five and adopted Ben and Remy from Ethiopia when they were eight and five, respectively. The man’s pastoral journey began after graduating from university. Hatmaker and his wife established Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, in 2008 with four families as members. She was born in 1999 and raised in the United States of America.

Hatmaker, at the time, could not find biblical support for her views and was reported to have criticized others who quoted scriptural references against homosexuality. She responded by attacking evangelicals over marriage issues and expanded her attacks to include those who supported President Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Jen did not come from a reputed family, either she was famous from early life, So, much information about her early life is a mystery to the public. Jen Hatmaker has an estimated worth of more than $2 Million. She credits most of her net worth to her career in author, speaker, blogger, and television presenter career.

Brandon Hatmaker is a graduate of a Catholic institution known as Oklahoma Baptist University. This was the same place where Brandon met his ex-wife while he was studying arts. Though Brandon has thousands of fans, charles kingery wife this would not have been possible if he and Jen had not married. Jen never revealed the reason behind splitting with Brandon. This led millions of followers to make their hypotheses regarding this subject matter.

Many thought Brandon cheated on Jen, whereas some directly messaged Jen to know the reason. Growing up as a Christian, Jen wanted to spread the Christian gospel to the world. Every passing year, Jen published numerous books that are based on Bible. Jen’s books have inspired so many individuals and given them hopes and strengths. Jen Hatmaker divorceIn Austin, Texas, Jen and Brandon founded the Austin New Church, led by licensed pastor Joshua Harris. In addition, the ex-couple co-founded the Legacy Collective, a non-profit group that promotes human rights, fights against child trafficking, and helps individuals find affordable homes.

As a result, he took to his Instagram page and shared a long post, encouraging fans and concerned people to desist from harassing him by sending him malicious messages. Hatmaker also urged people not to pry into his life, mainly because of the divorce. I love when people hightale it out of their decades old marriage then enter into a new relationship leaving all the stresses of life behind and gush about their “new bff and lover”.

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