Black Vulcan Cowboy Style Hard Hat OSHA & ANSI Approved

Type 1, Class E hard hats protect workers from vertical impacts and high-voltage electrical hazards up to 20KV. These cowboy style safety helmets allows you to bring some personality to the workplace and despite the name they’re not just for cowboys. If you’re looking for stylish head protection you might consider the Jackson™ Cowboy Helmets with a ratchet suspension.

For all construction workers, wearing a hard hat in the heat can be difficult. Yes, the vented hats make a huge difference but one can also add a had hat flap to protect from the sun and heat. Whilst there is only one con against a vented hard hat, it is a huge negative. Construction workers who are working with, or close to electricity, must have protection in case of surges or shock. A vented hard hat does not offer protection against electrical problems. Construction workers often prefer to wear vented hard hats because they are cooler, but often ask if vented hard hats are OSHA approved.

When there is a vent, the heat can get out, allowing the air to cool down. Bullard Company was a mining equipment firm in California created by Edward Dickinson Bullard in 1898, a veteran of the industrial safety business for 20 years. W. Bullard, returned home from World War I with a steel helmet that provided him with ideas to improve industrial safety. In 1919 Bullard patented a “hard-boiled hat” made of steamed canvas, glue and black paint. Navy commissioned Bullard to create a shipyard protective cap that began the widespread use of hard hats. Not long after, Bullard developed an internal suspension to provide a more effective hat.

These hard hats and helmets are ANSI rated and OSHA compliant. Types and classes combine to indicate the impact type and level of electrical protection provided. Hard hats and helmets should be inspected regularly for structural integrity. Hard hats are used by construction workers, road crews, or where required by OSHA safety regulations.

You need to choose your hard hat carefully, and ensure that you, or your workers, are wearing the right PPE. Of course, you dont have to worry about alcohol hats cowboy it because people with cowboy hats are very rare. Only a few dozen of us in the whole world wear them, and they are mostly used for safety purposes.

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