Bikes nicknames: Bikes Nike name, Royal Enfield, Ns, Red related, Blue horse, Black demon

They are the winner of 2016 the German Design Award. German manufacturer of road, mountain, hybrid and e-bikes. Sexy, bombproof bicycle frames built with integrity. With a great range of products, Scott has been manufacturing bikes for decades with a good reputation for innovation. Saracen makes a small number of premium bikes.

These are just some of the names of bicycle parts and as your interest in bicycles and cycling grows, so will your knowledge. I used to sell bicycles in my shop and 3G was one of my top sellers. Direct-to-consumer bike brand owned by Walmart that sells road, gravel and mountain bikes. These are higher end bikes with top level SRAM and Shimano components. Tommasini bikes are made for the enthusiast cyclist.

Frankie – Red 80s steel frame with lots of replacement parts including crazy mustache bars with black-and-white zebra tape. The Hero Sprint cycles are equipped with a 21-speed gearbox, offering you unmatched control over the cycle no matter the terrain. That being said, if you’re looking for cycles without gear, you can get them too.

Sanwa, company was around in the late 70’s – 80’s, merged with another company. Univega makes a large number of bikes which are made from premium luxury materials. With a classic appeal, roofing puns Taurus still manufactures mid-range to high-range bikes for men and women. I stole this list from Road Bike Rider and didn’t even check it and just pasted it onto my site.

Gravel, all-road and bikepacking bicycles in carbon and titanium. NS bikes offer one of the best solutions when it comes to bold designs. The brand’s outdoor identity is appealing as well. Based in Canada, Noroco is one of the manufacturers who take pride in manufacturing durable bikes which can handle even the most difficult cycling conditions. With a history of decades, the manufacturer provides high-end bikes under its own name. It also produces bike frames for other brands.

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