Biker Nicknames: 400+ Catchy And Creative Biker Nicknames Ideas

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Now that you know what makes a great biker name, here are some examples I’ve heard over the years. Katniss – Meaning “plant with edible tubers.” For all bike lovers who are fans of ‘The Hunger Games’.

Ascari Bicycles offers classically designed, hand-built bicycles. Founded in 2011 by designer and craftsman Helio Ascari and his wife Maria Thereza. Tilting three-wheelers keep all three wheels on the ground when they lean to negotiate curves. The Yamaha Niken is also a tilting three wheeler but has smaller track width such that it is considered a motorcycle by some authorities. While motorcycles typically have two wheels, some motorized tricycles are classed as three-wheeled motorcycles. Some brands have made various types of three-wheelers direct from the factory.

I used to sell bicycles in my shop and 3G was one of my top sellers. Quebec bicycle manufacturer since 1974, we offer a wide range of top quality frames and components. Tommasini bikes are made for the enthusiast cyclist. With carbon, steel and aluminum frames, the bikes also come with an appealing design.

Before buying a property and setting up a bike shop, you must get your branding right. Once all these elements are complete, you need to design your bike business brand. Here are the most crucial aspects you need to consider matching names for besties when branding a bike business. I work in the marketing and creative space and am passionate about the digital space. I work with start-ups and small businesses and help them with their digital marketing strategy.

Obscure because he, a 3rd generation master builder, was the first of the 3 generations to actually use his last name on the bikes later in his career. Read the Utah Randoneur article which is quite eloquent on the subject . If you can find a web site for the manufacturer that shows they are still in business, we’d be happy to add it. All I could find it a bunch of old news stories from the Red Dot award, but no current web site.

Kona is a brand run by a small number of cyclists. The company’s first bike was made back in 1989. Made in USA aluminum road and mountain bicycle brand with oversized tubing.

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