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It comes in variety of 42 colors and is 6 oz . It’s truly one of my fave all purpose go-to yarns. The biggest thing I can recommend is to work with simple stitches. Variegated yarns are often designed for knitting, which tends to have smaller, more uniform stitches than crochet. For this reason, a variegated crochet project will often look better in single crochet than double crochet or a complex lace stitch.

This Fall issue has six cozy projects to keep you warm through Spring! This shawl you see here is the Autumn Ivy Wrap. Together, they help me bring awesome crochet projects to you! Click the image to learn more about them, and get their Instagram links, where they are constantly sharing tons of crochet inspiration. Two distinctive benefits of cotton yarn are that it is 1) absorbent and 2) holds up well with washing and drying. This makes cotton yarn a great choice for items that will be getting wet or that need to be washed frequently.

However, it is not a yarn that should be used in substitute for everything else! When I go into the store to pick some up for myself, I generally spend around $2.50 on each skein. Psst… If you love free crochet patterns (I know…duh) c2c rectangle crochet tutorial make sure to follow my blog on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest! Littlejohn’s Yarn posts original designs and free crochet pattern round-ups regularly for you to enjoy. Big Twist Value is a worsted weight yarn that is 100% acrylic.

The price of Big Twist is great, but the skein can be a headache to use. Big Twist Value is the value brand that is distributed by Joann fabrics and crafts, which is a big box craft store that focuses on sewing, fabric, and seasonal decor. You might have noticed I use it for a lot of my tutorial swatches, that’s because I like it for it’s softness, yardage, and price point.

Here are some of our exclusively designed free crochet patterns using Big Twist’s Big Twist Natural Blend yarn. I’m Krista, and I’ve been creating modern crochet patterns since 2010. I’m a big believer that crochet should be both simple and beautiful. Big Twist yarn comes in many colors, textures, and styles.

Your measurements do not need to exactly align with mine, but I recommend staying close so that you do not run out of yarn. I’m so excited to have this space to share free content with you all now. Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure. My free 4-week class teaches someone how to crochet from start to finish. This free masterclass was specifically designed for those that have never crocheted before.

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