Best Pumpkin Beers Worthy of Your Pint Glass this Fall

Today, it’s mostly normal ale with pumpkin pie spices mixed in. The Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale is actually based on a popular 1771 recipe that included a bit of both. The pounds of pumpkin provides a nice, crisp brew, just like our forefathers drank. It’s even named after the road that used to connect Boston to New York City. When we say the New Belgium Voodoo Atomic Pumpkin is the spiciest, we don’t mean that it has the strongest notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. That’s because New Belgium has added habanero chilies into this seasonal brew.

We invite you to join us at the Seattle Center, where 80+ pumpkin and seasonal beers from near and far will be poured, including twenty or so from Elysian Brewing’s pumpkin-crazed brewers. This bold 8% ABV pumpkin ale is warming, spicy, and filled with sweet pumpkin flavor. If you’re thinking of getting adventurous this autumn, or need to satisfy a pumpkin beer craving, read on. We’ve rounded up 23 of the best pumpkin beers to sip this fall. For something sweet that isn’t cloying, it doesn’t get much tastier than Evil Genius’s chocolate pumpkin porter. With a 7.8 percent ABV, Trick or Treat has dark, roasty qualities, thanks to four types of malt, as well as an IBU of 35 due to Tettnang and Warrior hops.

Closer to the event, we’ll release a list of the participating breweries and pours that will be available. I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed compiling it. I’ve been a craft beer nerd since I covered my first Beerfest in 2009, but of course, this list is just one beer guy’s opinion. Part of the fun of craft brewing is hearing what others think, so, by all means, hit me up and let me know some of your favorites as well. With a toasty flavor and a slight bitterness, this pumpkin beer isn’t lacking in flavor.

The result is a surprisingly sessionable, malt, sweet, slightly spicy fall beer. Below, you’ll find eight of our favorite pumpkin beers that aren’t overly spiced, aggressively sweet, or otherwise unpalatable. These are some of the best examples of the style with the pumpkin taking center stage and the other flavors merely adding to the overall experience.

This beer is so popular the Portland, Maine-based brewery didn’t even wait until the fall to release it this year. Pumpkin beer might be the most divisive beer style of all time. When real, fresh pumpkins are used in the brewing process, it’s typically solid. When the earthy flavors of the harvested pumpkins are complemented by seasonal spices it’s often great. When it’s a fizzy, overly sweet, cloying, pumpkin spice-flavored carbonated drink that tastes more like air freshener than beer, it’s really really bad. According to Nielsen, seasonal beers—which includes all seasonal releases, not just autumn ones—were the overall top-selling beer category in 2014 and 2015.

That delicate texture carries to the first sip, which is as smooth as a gourd’s bottom. Then, the oomph and wow of Pumking’s high ABV hits you.Thisis your dessert beer. “Imperial means the brewers used a recipe that has been accentuated in terms of ingredients,” Simpson explains. “Basically, everything is doubled.” The flavors and characteristics are all bigger in an imperial, and that’s certainly true for this beer. Who knew you could make a quality sour beer out of jack-o-lanterns? In fairness, it’s also an English strong ale, but there’s a tart and vegetable quality, which are signature elements of most sours.

There’s even a recipe that dates back to 1771 for ‘pompion’ ale. In the case of this particular recipe, the writer wrote that due to a “twang,” you might want to wait a couple years after bottling to drink it. It’s what is a full bodied wine bold, rich, sweet, and loaded with pumpkin flavors with a gentle dry, slightly bitter presence well-suited for fall sipping. With a name like Evil Genius you just knew they would excel at Halloween beers!

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