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The Beasties were never better than on this Ill Communication standout, which has scored countless big-screen car chases and shootouts. Turns out the track’s chugging guitars and siren-like scratches are tailor-made for tough training sessions, too. Never has there been a song more brazenly designed to get rumps shaking than this playful ode to the posterior.

The Twenty Minute VC interviews the world’s greatest venture capitalists with prior guests including Sequoia’s Doug Leone and Benchmark’s Bill Gurley. If you would like to see more of The Twenty Minute VC , head to for more information on the podcast, show notes, resources and more. Rihanna providing an emphatic chorus certainly helps. Seven descending notes are all it takes to make any ballpark, arena, stadium, or weight room explode. “Duuuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuuuh-nuuuh.” See? At once dangerously dancy and soulfully sophisticated, “Motownphilly” is the finest relic from this era of the early ’90s.

He even threw some funk into the mix to give the track some uniqueness. You can’t have a workout playlist without throwing a little Britney into the mix. And why not play a song about making yourself stronger as you literally do so? If you’re looking for a girl-power anthem that will make you feel like an absolute machine at the gym, look no further. “Power” is the ideal song to listen to in the last leg of your workout, when you need a little extra oomph to get through it.

If the drums and bass don’t get you moving, the guitar riffs will most definitely do the trick. Miley Cyrus’ 2013 record Bangerz was a fascinating effort in genre-blending; it included elements of country, Electronica, punk, and hip hop all rolled into one cohesive product. Cyrus’s unique attitude and powerful voice are what make her stand out in every situation.

Take a breath before the chorus kicks in, because you’ll want to crank out a few extra reps. You’ll sweat 37 percent harder during any workout as long as you have The male gymnast physique Edge’s chiming guitars and Bono’s rousing vocals blaring through your ear holes. If you call your song “Pump It Up,” it better make people’s tickers work overtime.

And who doesn’t feel inspired listening to Kelly Clarkson belt her heart out in “Since You’ve Been Gone”? If you need to give your class a power push, pop on “Numb” by Linkin Park. Beyonce’s powerful lyrics will remind you that you’re ready to crush whatever the day throws at you. This bouncy tune is the perfect workout kickoff when you need an upbeat vibe for your independent self. Dua Lipa’s empowering message was made for getting down at the gym. Swift’s 2017 album “Reputation” is full of epic pop.

What is the workout music that moves you here are 100 tunes you need in your indoor cycling playlists everyone likes. We don’t need to tell you again how music can enhance practically any workout, but sometimes Spotify’s algorithms can steer you wrong. Need some inspiration for your next training playlist?

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