Baylor University Graduation Rate & Retention Rate

Baylor University has an overall enrollment yield of 16.2%, which represents the number of admitted students who ended up enrolling. There were 19,297 students enrolled at Baylor University in 2020, and N/A% of first-time enrollees submitted SAT scores with their applications. This chart compares the average award discount at Baylor University with that of other similar universities.

The 340-member band attends every home football game and sometimes travels to away games. The band’s name dates back to 1928 when, while on tour in West Texas, observers noted that the band members’ gold uniforms looked like a giant “golden wave” sweeping over the landscape. Baylor University’s athletic teams, known as the Bears, participate in 19 intercollegiate sports. The university is a member of the Big 12 Conference in the NCAA Division I.

I went to Baylor University and fell in love with the culture and atmosphere. I graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a minor in Business Administration in May 2014. Since then, I have been working at different companies from Salesforce to Cisco. Based on information from 99.6% of the graduating class, 86% of graduates had jobs within 6 months of graduating. This meant that a lot of new graduates were able to get full-time jobs right away after they finished school. In November 2021, the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that the national average for UG placement was only 50%.

Not long after, the idea was adopted by the University of Illinois in 1910, the University of Missouri in 1911, and at universities throughout the U.S. in the years that followed. After the Mass Meeting, the freshmen class build a bonfire on Fountain Mall which often includes burning vigils of the homecoming football opponent’s mascot created by the various on campus houses. The university had two live bears on campus named Joy and Lady, each bearing the title of Judge in honor of the first live three dots in triangle mascot. Joy passed away on July 18, 2022; the university has made plans to receive two rescue American black bear cubs in 2023 to continue Baylor’s tradition of having live bear mascots reside on campus. Baylor runs several postgraduate and professional health sciences programs in partnership with the Army Medical Department headquartered in San Antonio. Programs offered include the Doctor of Physical Therapy, MHA, United States Army Graduate Program in Nursing Anesthesia , and MHA/MBA .

The number of students who took a full-time job, completed their education, or joined the military or volunteered climbed as well. The success percentage of the 2021 batch, according to the university’s career centre, was 88 percent, which was 5% higher than the previous year . The students’ success percentage illustrates Baylor’s dedication to shaping the futures of all current and former students, both within and outside of the classroom. More than 16,000 students study at Baylor University, representing all 50 states, the District of Columbia and approximately 89 foreign countries. The university clubs and organizations provide each student with an opportunity to become engaged with an organization that shares his or her interests.

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