Balenos Fishing Rod Recipes for Black Desert Online BDO

They can be obtained through leveling your fishing skill or crafted at Tool Workshops in port towns or seaside lodgings. If you want to do AFK fishing, the Balenos rod is your best choice. It has a bonus for AFK fishing time and it can be repaired by a blacksmith. Blessing of Kamasylve gives you a nice buff to rare drops chances. This will help in obtaining all those rare Relic Shards and rare fishing goodies.

Get a +2 Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes and join a guild with a +3 bonus to fishing rank. Hotspots are indicated by a school of fish jumping out of the water with seagulls surrounding it. If you are fishing inland on a river or lake you will only see the school of fish jumping out of the water. Higher chance of catching Legendary Fish when Harpoon fishing – worth 50 million to 100 million silver. You can also dry fish before they expire and this will preserve them, but then you can no longer sell them to a trader.

But outside of feeding yourself for life, you can also use various fish in alchemy formulas and trade if you’ve hooked a rare enough species. As with life skills such as bartering, it’s possible to make a fair living rahane clay wage as a fisherman as well. Pretty sure any decent rod with over 100 durability will last hours upon hours of afk fishing. You can also invest in a tool workshop in town and have a worker produce it for you .

Without owning any cash-shop inventory extensions , there’s probably limited reason to use or upgrade the Epheria rod to have even more durability. The location where you auto fish is somewhat less important than active fishing. I would, however, recommend fishing more near the end game locations, so Calpheon docks, Mediah and Valencia would be preferred in my opinion.

The unique ability of this rod is to increase the chance of catching rare fish. At that point, you need to consider if you wish to keep your previous rod or change it to a Mediah one. You can fish from any body of water as long as it’s not shallow. Whenever you equip a fishing rod near a suitable water source it will show you the abundance of fish. If there are visible schools of fish they usually bite quickly.

Getting the Balenos to +10 is, however, no easy task and you should study enhancing guides before you start. The old fishing rod you start with is no good when it comes to AFK fishing. What you want is a fishing rod with enough durability that you can fill your inventory with valuable fish and is repairable. The only fishing rods that fit that category are the artisan fishing rods. So, you should only use the basic fishing rods until you get enough silver for your first artisan rod. Fishing is one of the easiest life skills to get into because all you really need is a fishing rod to get started.

If you fail you have to re-cast your line and wait for another bite. You can obtain a perfect reel if you manage to press spacebar at the exact time that the bar is completely full. On a perfect reel, you get to skip the last part of the minigame and get your fish instantly. Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs buy fresh fish as well, and for a higher value.

The drawback for fishing here is the travel time to get there. If you don’t have one, you can travel here by using the Griffon and Ferry travel system. Also, in order to provide a target goal for adventurers who have already reached the top level, we have expanded all Life Skill levels up to “Guru 50”. Hotspots give an abnormally high amount of high grade fish. For the greatest distance bonus, I recommend fishing near South Margoria Sea .

Fishing Life Skill levels help you to keep the Durability of your fishing rod and to see Fishing Hotspots. An Item Brand Spell Stone can be used on a Balenos Fishing Rod. This will dramatically increase your AFK fishing time by reducing the Durability Consumption of the rod by 50%. It also reduces the cost to repair a Balenos Fishing Rod by 33%. This is all you need to know about how to repair broken or damaged fishing rods in Black Desert Online. Still, if you are facing any trouble in repairing your rods the feel free to comment below.

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