Automatic Gate Inspiration Photos

This enabled me to determine where to dig the trench in the ground and where to place the horizontal post . I also ensured that the frame was well fixed with nails and metal strap, the plywood was well glued and nailed, and that there was a good covering of paint. I had never made or installed a sliding gate before, so I popped in to the local gate makers to get an idea or two. Builder confirmed good quality gates and hinges/fittings also look good.

It opens parallel to the fencing, much like a sliding glass door. Most sliding gates just have one panel covering the opening, but they can be designed to suit your needs. Sliding fences do not require the same clearance as swing gates, but they do require room for the panel to slide open. Generally, when compared to swing gates, you’ll need to pay more to own and install a sliding gate. Even if the gates are made of the same quality, materials, and size, they generally cost more. Such gates have more moving parts and these all need to be carefully calibrated in relation to each other during installation.

Very pleased with my gate purchase worth paying the extra for a quality and sturdy gate. This is the second gate we have bought from Gates and Fences. We were very happy with the first although the queue at that time was long, they kept in touch all the way until it was delivered as and when promised.

The offered Sliding Gate is known for its supreme quality and high durability. Sliding Gate is extensively used for all sized opening areas when other gate installations are not possible. We assure our clients for the time frame delivery at any part of the country.

The project by DWY Landscape Architects in Sarasota, Fla., won an award from the American Society of Landscape Architects. Sliding gates require space to the side of the gate to open properly. Generally, the space required is the length of the gate plus about 2′ of wiggle room. When you open a swing gate outward, there are potential problems. Imagine a visitor pulling up to a gate at the entrance of your property. This person has just pulled into the drive from a busy street.

I decided on a design like interior house wall, comprising of a ‘wall frame’ with lining on both sides of it. I knew the sliding gate would have to be strong and built well to minimize any warping. To fasten the track to the wood I used wood plywood for countertop screws and galvanized nails. The track was easily obtainable from any number of fence and gate companies, and came in 20ft lengths. I then set the blade on the cutting saw to the required depth and made multiple cuts in the concrete.

You will also need to pay attention to the height of the rest of the fence or railings that you plan to install the gate to. Make sure they will be of uniform height — you don’t want the gate to be shorter or taller. The next stage is to reinforce the corners of the sliding door using some stainless steel brackets. It is the users’s responsibility to apply for any required permits or consents and to build in accordance with the local building code. Since this proposed gate is on an alley, it doesn’t need to be too attractive. As I expect to have no help with the construction and installation, the trick will be to build it in place on the track.

It is well balanced, slides with ease and there is not a hint of any movement in the wood. I bolted and welded the two ‘L’ brackets together, drilled a couple of holes to take the rollers, positioned the unit over the gate and bolted it to the post. Putting the gate in was no problem, simply a matter of standing it up with the wheels over the track.

Below is a sequence of photos showing the building process, followed by an explanation of each photo. I also decided to build a little 4ft high fence along the side of the gate when it was in an ‘open position’. I placed the 4″x4″ post horizontally on the freshly poured concrete and adjusted it until it was the right height. I then dug the trench to a depth and width that would accommodate the horizontal post and about 4″ of concrete below and around it. I used a straight piece of wood as a platform for the cutting saw to run on. I determined the height with a string line and level.

We take pride in quality workmanship and superior customer service. Beautifully handcrafted metal sliding gates constructed in the UK. “Premium Frame” system which combines deeper 50mm x 50mm side and 100mm x 50mm base rail, a chunkier 50mm x 50mm top and thick 16mm infill bars. All have a feature option choice of either Fleur De Lys, Spearheads, Ball top or without. A sliding aluminum gate opens to a courtyard with a dining area.

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