Ariana Grandes Brother Reveals Her Pregnancy Plans With Dalton Gomez

The Krissed trend happens to be a joke where people share fake news that sound believable and in the end post a clip of Kris Jenner dancing. The photos looked so realistic that some users rushed to her Instagram to see if they were true. Rumors around the post claimed that Grande had posted the picture on her Instagram but later deleted it.

However, despite being married to a celebrity, Gomez maintains a limited social media presence. We all love Ariana Grande because she is one of the best singers out there and has great songs. A lot of attention has been paid to her music, which is often based on her own life. Ariana Grande, who got married to Dalton Gomez at the weekend, was the latest celebrity to fall at the centre of rumours she’s pregnant. But luckily, we already know Grande’s stance on children as she previously opened up about her plans to have kids. In the end, though, the speculations will seemingly only end when Ariana Grande, herself, breaks her silence.

The image that has made its way across social media may look like an official pregnancy announcement posted to Grande’s Instagram but that is not the case. Is Ariana Grande PregnantThe image is convincing enough to circulate online without raising suspicions among users. Long before she 10 000 in 20s “finally” becomes pregnant, Grande’s fans have submitted images and movies showing how the singer would appear. A post on celebrity gossip page Deux Moi has reignited the conversation about Grande being pregnant after it was alleged that an A-list singer is expecting their first baby.

As for life after the wedding, Frankie says the pair seem super in love. “They’re very happy, and it’s been so nice to see them be so happy together,” he said. So although it may look like an official pregnancy announcement posted to Grande’s Instagram, she has been radio silent.

While Grande has gotten married, she doesn’t seem like she’s going to take the next step just yet. As she has gotten married recently, she wants to focus on her marriage and her career before she can think about children. Ever since Grande and Gomez tied the knot, fans have been excited to see them reach the next milestone in their relationship.

Rumors have started circulating online that the star is expecting. Throughout her long career in the spotlight, singer and songwriter Ariana Grande has had a history of star-studded significant others. She’s now wed to Dalton Gomez, a luxury realtor who she was first linked to at the beginning of 2020. But despite only being with him for a couple of years, some are already wondering if the singer is planning to start a family. It did not take long for social media speculations about the singer’s pregnancy to start circulating as she prepared to go down the aisle in 2021. An edited Instagram photo that shows Ariana Grande with a baby bump has everyone convinced that the singer is pregnant in 2022.

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